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  • andrew barbour

    The tories see the NHS as the last project left from the social democratic consesus which existed from 1945-79. As such their ideology requires it’s annihilation.Whether it is the best method of healthcare delivery or not is irrelevant.

  • richard williams

    Bit late now after a majority the grabbing GPs (thinking they were going to get hold of all the money) went with the government when the reforms were introduced. Sounds abit like a bunch of Gps who don’t want the responsibility, now they’ve accepted that care will be based on the funding the government decides it can afford and not the need of their patients. If the GPs didn’t realise this in the first place it’s because they were not intelligent to work it out. Well you’ve got what you wanted, when you happily waved goodbye to all the PCT managers you badmouthed for years. You are in charge now – you can’t just hand it back when it gets a little difficult. Man-up, these reforms were always badged as GP-led and I didn’t hear the BMA screaming out at the time they went through!!!