Vulnerable disabled people are being deliberately set-up to fail disability benefit assessments, according to an ex DWP officer who now faces the same dreaded system she once worked in.

Anna, 57, says she was encouraged to contact “customers” and “persuade them to either change an answer or elaborate on an answer in a way that would drop themselves in it”.

Anna is currently awaiting a decision on her own claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and is worried that failing the assessment could also mean she will lose her mobility car .. and with it her independence.

The film (above) forms part of a wider new campaign, which aims to expose the “cold, hard truth” of the devastating impact of disability benefit changes on sick and disabled people.

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  • Hold on this Lady was happy to do this to her ‘Customers’ but complains when she is in the same boat! I have been disabled 16 years and seen this evil system first hand i wonder how DWP staff sleep at night. Inflicting this for money but when it happens to her it’s different! Sorry, having a hard time with any sympathy…

    • To be fair, If you watch the video again you’ll hear her say that she couldn’t bring herself to do it, despite being pressured to do so.

      • Hi Steven the Lady worked for them for her whole carrier it’s hard to tell with the careful wording. This has been going on for over 10 + years in one form or another. But same evil system she had to do this or whould have got fired through performance issues years ago. Only when you are affected speaking out isn’t any real help is it?
        I feel sorry for any disabled person going through this mess but all i am saying i there are better people to focus the fight on with far more harrowing stories. Just using a old DWP worker feels cheap i guess.