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  • this reminds me the last time conservatives were in power,and the poll tax put people into debt,because they couldnt afford to pay it. Our council tax went up by £300 a year,whereas our wealthier neighbours went down by £500 a year. We went to the local community centre where a meeting was been held to help people cope ,as we all just could not afford to pay it. I wrote a letter to the conservatives at westminster,the answerI recieved was that everybody should pay the same,regardless of financial situation. At the meeting there were riot police outside the building,we were considered as troublemakers,and told we had to pay the extra tax or we could end up going to prison. Even the well off ,whose tax came down did not think it was right. There were marches in london,people went there from all over the UK to protest,the conservatives just thought we should pay the extra ,not thinking how much extra money it was for ordinary people,putting us into debt.