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Poundland ‘gets jobless to work for free under government scheme’

Participants in DWP work experience programme say budget chain used them to stack shelves all day.

Tories Scrap Mandatory ‘Work For Your Benefits’ Scheme

The government is replacing the 'Mandatory Work Activity' scheme and 'Community Work Placements' with a new 'Work and Health Programme'.

Jobcentre Staff ‘Bullying’ Benefit Claimants To Tears

The Scottish Welfare Reform Committee has heard evidence of Jobcentre staff bullying benefit claimants, often reducing them to tears.

Mentally Ill More Likely To Have Benefits Stopped Than Supported Into Work, Says Charity

Unemployed people with mental health conditions are more likely to have their benefits stopped than supported into work, damning figures show.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – 24 October 2015

This weeks biggest news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

Back To Work Schemes Failing People With Complex Needs, Say MPs

Work and Pensions Committee says employment schemes are failing unemployed people with the most challenging barriers to employment.

‘Punitive’ Work Programme Makes Mental Health Problems Worse, Says Charity

The Work Programme is making people with mental problems more unwell and pushing them further away from work, a leading charity says.

Welfare Weekly Summary, 8 August 2015

This weeks biggest news from Welfare Weekly and others.

Letters: Back To Work Programme Is A ‘Pointless Exercise In Time Wasting’

Unemployed music composer was threatened with a benefit sanction when he described a mandatory work placement as 'pointless'.

Liz Kendall Vows To Scrap Hated Work Programme

Criticising the hated back to work scheme, Ms Kendall said the Work Programme was a "failed experiment in welfare privatisation".

Welfare Weekly – Issue 36 (20/06/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

‘Failing’ Work Programme Finds Jobs For Just 9% Of Disabled People

Less than 9% of sick and disabled people find work lasting at least three months, after one year on the Work Programme.

Cutting Employment Support For Learning Disabled People Is A False Economy

The number of people with learning disabilities who don’t have a job is on the rise, yet services helping them into work are at risk as councils come under pressure to cut non-statutory support.

GE2015: Labour’s Welfare Policies Revealed

Here we outline some of Labour's key policies in relation to welfare and other important issues relevant to our readers.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 19 (21/02/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 15 (24/01/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from the Welfare Weekly.

Work Programme A Waste Of Time For Long-Term Sickness Benefit Claimants

Less than 5% of long-term sick and disabled people find work through the Work Programme, DWP figures show.

DWP To ‘Blitz’ Unemployed People Into Unpaid Work

DWP say an 'army' of government 'jobs experts' will target unemployed people at a number of 'unusual locations'.

DWP Accused Of ‘Breathtaking Arrogance’ Over Work Programme Devolution

The DWP has been accused of breaking the "letter and spirit" of the Smith Commission, after it emerged that lucrative Work Programme contracts are to be extended.

DWP Orders Man To Work Without Pay For Company That Let Him Go

John McArthur is sanctioned by jobcentre after refusing ‘forced labour’ at firm where he was previously paid minimum wage

Heart Attack Victim Told To Attend Back-To-Work Programme – As He Lay In A Hospital Bed

A4E contacted a heart attack victim to inform him that he must complete a back-to-work scheme, days after he suffered a major heart attack.

Work For Your Dole: George Osborne Outlines Tough New Benefits Regime – Speech

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined tax changes and a tough new benefits regime for Britain's unemployed.

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