Emergency workers earning up to £3,300 less than five years ago, research shows

TUC blasts “scrooge-like” public sector pay cap, as research reveals emergency workers annual wages have dropped by up to £3,300.

Employment tribunal fees ‘pricing people out of justice’

The number of employment tribunal cases has fallen by 9,000 a month, since fees of up to £1,200 were introduced.

Shock survey reveals ‘mental health funding crisis’, as 1 in 3 NHS psychologists consider quitting

Unite says the survey shows that Jeremy Hunt is failing to meet his pledge to boost mental health funds.

Government at risk of breaching THEIR OWN minimum wage laws

Health unions say government needs to inject £280m into the NHS by the end of the decade, or could find themselves in breach of their own minimum wage laws.

TUC backs calls for ‘inhuman’ fit for work tests to be scrapped (video)

Motion backs calls for 'fit for work tests' to be scrapped and replaced by a fair and humane process for determining work capability.

Shock 21% rise in zero-hours contracts sparks calls for immediate ban

Unite says UK Government should follow the example set by New Zealand and outlaw zero hours contracts.

Stagnant wages trap MILLIONS of households in ‘problem debt’

Shocking research reveals 3.2 million households are in ‘problem debt’, while more than a million are in 'extreme problem debt'.

Sports Direct to hand over £1 million to thousands of workers denied minimum wage

Thousands of Sports Direct workers can soon expect to receive an estimated £1 million for non-payment of the minimum wage.

Future of youth services ‘at risk’ as £387 million axed in just six years

Report from Unison warns that half of councils have reduced spending on youth services, such as outreach support and advice for young people.

List of minimum wage offenders just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

Unite says workers are "too afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs".

Government urged to end ‘national scandal’ of underpaid care workers

Unison is calling on the government to end the 'systematic underpayment' of homecare workers, cheated out of the minimum wage.

UK real wages plummet by more than 10% in just eight years

Real-terms wages in the UK fell by more than 10% between 2007 and 2015, the biggest fall among leading OECD countries.

BMA’s appeal for boost in NHS funding rejected by David Cameron

Doctors’ union had asked prime minister for increase, citing popularity of leave campaign’s £350m a week pledge.

One In Five Dads Miss Out On Paternity Pay, TUC Analysis Shows

More than one in five working dads in the UK have missed out on paternity pay in the past twelve months, according to new analysis by the TUC.

UN To Hear Evidence Of ‘Appalling’ Government Attacks On UK Worker’s Rights

Trade Union Act and the awarding of government contracts to “anti-union employers” who blacklist thousands of workers will be under the spotlight.

Junior Doctors In Third Walkout As Dispute Over New Contract Escalates

Medics retain public support as 48-hour strike begins, with Jeremy Hunt mocked in parliament for statement on patient safety.

Unions Criticise ‘Nightmare’ Rise In Zero Hours Contracts

ONS figures show a 104,000 rise in the number of people who say a zero hours contract is their main job.

Average Wages Plummet By More Than 13%

Average gross earnings across the United Kingdom have plummeted by more than 13 per cent since 2008, according to a new report.

Tories Cautioned Against ‘Popping Out The Champagne’ Over Employment Figures

Unite warned that a fall in unemployment masked a continued rise in low-paid and insecure jobs, adding foodbanks were 'bracing themselves for their heaviest demand ever'.

More Spending Cuts Will Damage Economy, TUC Report Warns

Study says government’s obsession with shrinking size of state is straining public services and further cuts will harm growth.

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