Universal Credit Adviser Ordered Not To Tell Claimants About Hardship Support

An undercover adviser, working for Channel 4 Dispatches, was told not to advise claimants about the existence of vital cash funds.

Concerns Grow Over Poor Wage Growth As Self Employment Soars

A rise in employment and sharp drop in the number of people out of work has had little effect on the scandal of low wages, the latest figures show. Figures released by the Office for...

‘Punitive’ Benefit Sanctions Causing Misery Across Scotland, Says SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has reiterated its call for an immediate review into the "punitive" benefit sanction regime

Unemployed To Be Given ‘Attitude To Work’ Interviews

Unemployed people could soon be expected to undergo 'attitude to work' interviews, the Employment Minister Esther McVey has revealed. Benefit claimants will be required to undergo character profiling in order to determine whether they feel...

‘Jobs Revival’ In Spotlight As Most Of Those Who Lose Benefits Fail To Find Work

Coalition’s claims under scrutiny after research shows only a fifth of 2m people find employment after losing jobseeker’s allowance

Minister Refuses To Examine Impact Of Benefit Sanctions On Mental Health

DWP Minister, Priti Patel, refused to examine the impact of controversial benefit sanctions on people with mental health conditions.

Labour Too Timid Under Ed Miliband, Tristram Hunt To Say

Shadow education secretary and leadership hopeful to set out three bold ideas on welfare, childcare and devolution he says former leader felt unable to embrace.

Majority Of Social Security Cuts Fall On Working Families, Say TUC

Welfare reforms spectacularly fail the Prime Minister’s new family test, says TUC.

Cruel Tory Welfare Cuts ‘Bring Shame On The UK’, Says PCS

Iain Duncan Smith has "fundamentally failed" in his responsibility look after unemployed and vulnerable people, says PCS.

‘Radical change’ needed to improve employment support for disabled people, says thinktank

Government commitment to the halve the disability employment gap 'will fail without radical change', says thinktank.

Tony Blair Destroyed Britain’s Faith In The Benefits System, Claim Researchers

Researchers have managed to pinpoint the exact moment in history when public support for Britain's benefits system began to wane. According to research published today from the University of Bristol, public attitude toward unemployed people...

Tories should exempt ESA claimants from the benefit cap, says disability charity

Disability Rights UK says including ESA WRAG claimants in benefits cap, and reducing eligibility for disability benefits, will "just drive disabled people into greater poverty"

Work Experience ‘Lottery’ Fuelling Youth Unemployment, Says Report

Employers in some parts of the country are almost twice as likely to offer work experience as their counterparts in other areas, according to a report published today.

Nearly Two Million Jobseekers Could Be Forced To ‘Sign On’ Every Week

PCS said the plan "doesn’t appear to be designed to help claimants, it’s just another way for the Government to turn the screw".

Nick Clegg Calls For Rethink On Benefits Sanctions To Help Tackle Food Poverty

Cross-party report endorsed by archbishop of Canterbury blames sanctions regime in part for growing use of food banks

Children Paying The Price Of ‘Grossly Unfair’ Benefit Sanctions

3,600 Scottish families with dependent children were affected by benefit sanctions between June 2012 and May 2013.

Which Are The Best Countries In The World To Live In If You Are Unemployed Or Disabled?

Welfare benefits vary widely, with France among the most generous provider of unemployment benefits, while the safety net has diminished in the traditionally liberal Nordic countries.

David Cameron Calls On Obese To Accept Help Or Risk Losing Benefits

Conservatives consider whether to reduce or withhold payments worth about £100 a week for those they consider could do more to help themselves.

Welfare Cap A ‘Perverse Incentive’ To Fiddle Jobless Numbers, Say Labour

Welfare Cap may create an incentive for the government to park the unemployed on Jobseeker's Allowance, report says.

Blunkett Calls For More Self-Help And Less State Aid

Labour grandee calls for mandatory living wage and conditions set for welfare payments as Iain Duncan Smith claims Tory reforms have saved £50bn

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