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Welfare Weekly – Issue 26 (11/04/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Iain Duncan Smith To Push 2 Million Sickness Benefit Claimants Into Work – Daily Mail

Work and Pensions Secretary to unveil Tory plans to push 2 million sickness benefit claimants back into work.

Benefit Cuts Don’t Encourage The Unemployed Into Work – Research

There is "little support for the view that welfare reform is having important and positive impacts on the labour market", according to new research.

DWP Has ‘Abandoned Any Responsibility’ For Benefits Deaths, Says SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has accused the UK Government of abandoning any responsibility for benefits deaths.

Man Who Applied For 60 Jobs While Protesting At DWP Policy Sanctioned

Blogpost by copywriter Peter Styles, who was forced to sign on daily, attracts widespread support after detailing the dispute

‘Fake’ Benefit Sanctions Leaflet Under Investigation By Public Relations Body – Guardian

CIPR has written to members who work at DWP to find out if they had any part in producing document which featured two non-existent benefits claimants - Guardian.

Long-Term Unemployed Told To Work For Their Benefits In Launch Of New Government Scheme

The coalition governments 'Help To Work' scheme comes into effect from Monday 28 April 2014.

Benefits For Young People Should Be Repayable Loans, Say Tory MPs

An influential group of Tory MPs have called for young person's unemployment benefits to be turned into repayable loans.

Benefit Sanctions Hit Over 900,000 Claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance

No 10 rules out sanctions reform as MPs find benefit penalties the biggest factor in use of food banks

Opinion: £30 Billion National Insurance Surplus A Kick In The Teeth For Starving Families

George Osborne is sitting on a £30 BILLION National Insurance surplus while struggling families turn to food banks to feed their children

Jobless Man Heckled And Spat At As He Wore A Sandwich Board Asking For Work

Reece Enfield, 22, was targeted by hecklers and hate-filled members of the public as he handed out CV's in Birmingham City centre.

Thousands Of Scottish Children Affected By Benefit Sanctions As Food Bank Users Top 900,000

3,600 Scottish benefit claimants with dependent children were hit by benefit sanctions between 1 June 2012 and 31 May 2013.

Concerns Grow Over Poor Wage Growth As Self Employment Soars

A rise in employment and sharp drop in the number of people out of work has had little effect on the scandal of low wages, the latest figures show. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday...

Labour Vows To Abandon Language Of ‘Strivers And Scroungers’

Shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith says he wants to make the social security system something voters can be proud of.

George Osborne Introduces New ‘Living Wage’ But Cuts Working-Age Benefits

Chancellor unveils new "living wage" but hits the poor with sweeping cuts to welfare and in-work benefits.

Jobcentre ‘Hit Squads’ Set Up Benefit Claimants To Fail, Says Former Official

Bosses accused of setting targets for sanctions, while unscrupulous staff targeted weak and vulnerable customers

This Week On Welfare Weekly (04/10/2015)

This weeks biggest news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

DWP to overhaul hated ‘fitness for work’ tests

Work and Pensions Secretary Damien Green will announce a consultation on changes to the Work Capability Assessment.

‘Devastating’ Tory Welfare Sanctions Will Hit Babies And Young Children, Says SNP

The Tory 'Welfare Reform and Work Bill' could see very young children harmed by controversial benefit sanctions, the SNP claims.

SNP Demands ‘Immediate Halt’ To All Benefit Sanctions

The call comes in response to growing fears that DWP staff are being pressurised into slashing vulnerable peoples benefits.

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