Friday, January 19, 2018


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Ben Bradley under fire for blogpost urging jobless people to have vasectomies

MP appointed as Conservative party vice-chair wrote article in 2012 saying unemployed people should not have large families.

Sickness benefit claimants left with not enough to live on, say campaigners

Major study finds the majority of people on sickness benefits are struggling to make ends meet, thanks to Tory cuts.

Jobcentre Staff ‘Bullying’ Benefit Claimants To Tears

The Scottish Welfare Reform Committee has heard evidence of Jobcentre staff bullying benefit claimants, often reducing them to tears.

Benefit sanctions hit one in seven single parents, research shows

'Single parents increasingly feel punished for being unable to juggle seeking work and looking after their children', charity says.

Iain Duncan Smith’s Directory Of Death

More than 60 people have tragically lost their lives after having benefits docked or removed, say campaigners.

Revealed: Universal Credit capability for work questionnaire

Official universal credit capability for work questionnaire.

Opinion: £30 Billion National Insurance Surplus A Kick In The Teeth For Starving Families

George Osborne is sitting on a £30 BILLION National Insurance surplus while struggling families turn to food banks to feed their children

Nearly Two Million Jobseekers Could Be Forced To ‘Sign On’ Every Week

PCS said the plan "doesn’t appear to be designed to help claimants, it’s just another way for the Government to turn the screw".

Revealed: Social Experiments To ‘Nudge’ Sick And Disabled Into Work

The Government is conducting 'social experiments' on sick and disabled people, to find ways of pushing them into employment.

Sanctioned Jobseekers With Mental Health Problems Are Not ‘Vulnerable’, Says DWP

Sanctioned JSA claimants with mental health illnesses are not considered 'vulnerable' enough by the DWP for immediate support.

GE2015: Labour’s Welfare Policies Revealed

Here we outline some of Labour's key policies in relation to welfare and other important issues relevant to our readers.

80% Of Tory Welfare Cuts Will Hit Vulnerable Women, Experts Predict

Further welfare cuts will deepen the suffering of vulnerable women who are already struggling to make ends meet, says Trust Deed Scotland.

Minister Refuses To Examine Impact Of Benefit Sanctions On Mental Health

DWP Minister, Priti Patel, refused to examine the impact of controversial benefit sanctions on people with mental health conditions.

Sick And Disabled Hit By 70,000 Benefit Sanctions – Despite Being ‘Unfit For Work’

DWP figures show a huge rise in the number of sick and disabled people hit by controversial benefit sanctions.

The forgotten unemployed: 300,000 jobless Britons not claiming benefits

Study finds many people are not claiming support they are entitled to and warns some are put off by the benefits system.

Work Programme A Waste Of Time For Long-Term Sickness Benefit Claimants

Less than 5% of long-term sick and disabled people find work through the Work Programme, DWP figures show.

Exclusive: DWP Admit Using Fake Claimant’s Comments In Benefit Sanctions Leaflet

DWP officials have admitted that claimants comments used in an official benefit sanctions information leaflet were "for illustrative purposes only".

Parents Of Disabled Children Face ‘Impossible’ Barriers To Employment

New survey reveals how parents of disabled children face enormous challenges in balancing work and caring responsibilities.

Osborne’s ‘Victorian Values’ Blame The Poor For Their Own Suffering

Victorian welfare values were interpreted in a inhumane state where families were separated and people starved to death.

100,000 Mentally Ill People Losing Disability Benefits – And The Government ‘Don’t Care’

A Former Health Minister has criticised the Government for ignoring repeated demands for an inquiry into how benefit cuts are affecting mentally ill claimants.

DWP agrees to reform benefit appeals process following pressure from MPs

80% target for upholding original PIP and ESA decisions at the first stage of appeal will be dropped.

Letters: Are DWP Decision Makers Submitting Fabricated Evidence To Appeal Tribunals?

A DWP decision maker "is not legally liable for any errors or omissions he may make" in evidence submitted to an appeal tribunal.