Monday, January 22, 2018


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Sickness benefit claimants left with not enough to live on, say campaigners

Major study finds the majority of people on sickness benefits are struggling to make ends meet, thanks to Tory cuts.

The forgotten unemployed: 300,000 jobless Britons not claiming benefits

Study finds many people are not claiming support they are entitled to and warns some are put off by the benefits system.

Disabled gran who attempted suicide after being found ‘fit for work’ has her benefits reinstated

The disabled 60-year-old feared she may lose her home after the DWP slashed her ESA benefit.

DWP agrees to reform benefit appeals process following pressure from MPs

80% target for upholding original PIP and ESA decisions at the first stage of appeal will be dropped.

Work capability assessment ‘failing the most vulnerable in society’

SNP MP says the UK Government's controversial work capability assessment system is 'not fit for purpose' and should be reviewed.

Tories unveil plan to get more disabled people into work

Measures include widening ‘fit note’ certification, reforming statutory sick pay, and large-scale employment research pilots.

Our social security system has become a welfare deterrent

Sue Jones writes that social security has been transformed from a system that once aided people in need, to one that punishes them for needing support.

Employers still discriminate against disabled people – it has to stop

Survey reveals disabled people apply for 60% more jobs than non-disabled people in their job search.

Britain’s unclaimed benefits: four million families miss out on £12.4 billion

Why aren't people entitled to benefits claiming them?

Poundland ‘gets jobless to work for free under government scheme’

Participants in DWP work experience programme say budget chain used them to stack shelves all day.

Health benefits from lone parents welfare to work policies unlikely, research shows

Improvements in health have been used to justify mandating employment for lone parents in receipt of social security benefits.

Mentally ill man found dead on beach after his sickness benefits were removed

"What's the point?": David Metcalf is said to have felt 'frustrated and upset' after being found 'fit for work' by the DWP.

Only 1 in 6 people hit by ‘cruel’ Tory benefit cap claim Jobseeker’s Allowance

Number of households sucked into the benefit cap has rocketed by 214%, DWP figures show.

Seriously ill gran who needs a nebuliser to help her breath told to find a job

Heartless Department for Work and Pensions continues to treat sick and disabled people with utter contempt.

Tory councillor suspended over ‘racist’ anti-welfare Facebook post

Rosemary Carroll claimed she had published the post 'by mistake'.

Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests

Work capability assessment 'creates unnecessary preventable harm', says researcher.

Jobseekers’ allowance rules suspended for Grenfell Tower tenants

Department for Work and Pensions instructs local job centre to be ‘as flexible as possible’ with those affected by fire.

Disability charity lists ‘ten priorities’ for new Tory minority government

Disability Rights UK call for 'fit for work' tests to be replaced and the abolition of 'bedroom tax', among other demands.

Heart attack victim found ‘fit for work’ suffered third attack on first day in new job

Michael was found “fit for work” by the DWP, despite multiple letters from healthcare professionals clearly stating that he wasn't.

Thatcher’s dark legacy must be stopped

Neoliberal politics opened the door for the future destruction of the welfare state when aided by an unelected banker with too much political power, writes Mo Stewart.

Scottish work programme destined to fail, says SCVO

Third-sector organisations warn the new 'Fair Start Scotland' scheme will fail without 'high-quality specialised support'.

Former DWP expert admitted ‘fit for work’ tests were ‘unsatisfactory’ in 2012 – Tories ignored him

He’s only an expert when singing from the same hymn sheet as the DWP.