Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Government Criticised For Over-Emphasising 0.7% Benefit Fraud

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has accused the coalition government of over-emphasising benefit fraud in a report on fraud and error in the benefits system.

Ed Miliband’s Condition Of Britain Speech In Full

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, in a speech at the launch of the IPPR Condition of Britain report, said: "Along with Rachel Reeves and the Head of Labour’s Policy Review, Jon Cruddas, I am delighted to be here with you launching the...

Labour leader sets out reforms based on training incentives as poll finds 78% of voters think welfare system unfair

UK Poor Among Worst Off In Europe

The SNP is today highlighting analysis from a think tank which finds the lowest income 20 per cent of British households are among the poorest in Western Europe

Pensioners Call For £62 Rise In Weekly State Pension To Combat Poverty Among Older People

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) will call for the state pension to increase from £113 a week to £175, in a bid to help lift older people out of poverty.

‘Worst Fears Confirmed’ As Only 24 Syrian Refugees Resettled In Britain, Say Campaigners

The government has conceded only 24 Syrian refugees have arrived in Britain as part of its resettlement programme for Syria, the Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme.

£15 Million To Support Scotland’s Disadvantaged Children And Families

Thousands of Scotland’s most disadvantaged children, young people and families are set to benefit from £15 million new funding over the next year, Aileen Campbell has announced.

Army Of Home Carers Plan ‘Virtual Strike’ In Heartbreaking Plea To Iain Duncan Smith

An 'army' of home carers are planning a virtual strike on 21 June to highlight the governments non-recognition of those who work 'round the clock' caring for sick, disabled or elderly friends or relatives.

Government Have ‘Reintroduced Modern Day Slavery’, Say Unite

Under the Tied Domestic Worker visa, implemented by this government, domestic workers entering the UK have become modern slaves.

SNP Condemns ‘Appalling’ DWP Threats To ‘Shut Down’ Trussell Trust Food Banks

The Trussell Trust has already accused the DWP of “belittling” its work after Neil Couling made a series of false statements to the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee on the charity’s work.

Work Capability Assessments ‘Leaving Sick And Disabled On A Knife-Edge’

The current benefits system is failing people with disabilities and mental health problems and pressuring people into undertaking compulsory activities.

Government Might ‘Shut You Down’ If You Continue Criticising Welfare Cuts, Food Bank Charity Told

Trussell Trust told to think more carefully about speaking out against government figures and welfare cuts, otherwise “the government might try to shut you down”.

Study of risk factors in the north east finds rent arrears, food poverty and crime on the rise. Homelessness will come next

Government Benefit Cuts Fuelling London Housing Crisis, Warns New Report

Rents in London are set to rise considerably faster than housing benefit, meaning the pool of affordable properties is getting smaller and smaller.

Benefit Sanctions Blamed For 54% Surge In Food Bank Demand As 20 Million Meals Given To Poorest In 2013

Big rise in UK food poverty sees 20m meals given out in last year

Increase in usage comes from poor in affluent areas due to rise in food prices while disposable income fell, says charity report

Child poverty commission points to 'credibility gap' at heart of the government's child poverty strategy

Critics say spikes treat homeless 'like pigeons' as residents fear short ground spikes at doorway are to deter rough sleepers

Bedroom Tax: Father Of Four Threatened To ‘Blow Up’ His Home

Mr Hilton had been stockpiling gas cannisters at his home in Church, East Lancashire, and warned bailiffs that there would be an 'explosion' if they tried to enter.

‘I’d Rather Go Back And Die Than Suffer Like This’, Says Syrian Asylum Seeker

Campaign groups have hit out at the treatment of Syrian asylum seekers at Waterside House, the Home Office’s Immigration centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

‘Workfare’ Scheme ‘Holed Below The Waterline’, Says Unite

Unite has welcomed the news that 345 voluntary sector organisations, including household names such as Shelter, Crisis, Scope and Oxfam, have pledged not to take part in the Community Work Placements (CWP) programme

Queen’s Speech Is The Product Of An Exhausted Government, Say Unite

The Queen’s speech is the product of an exhausted government, lacking in the people’s trust which skirted around the big issues of the economy, depressed incomes, unemployment and the housing crisis.