Thursday, December 14, 2017


Could YOU pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test?

Take this short survey to find how well you might do in the UK citizenship test - how 'British' are you?

If unemployment is falling why are so many people slipping into poverty? – Poll

What is the reason behind the UK's poverty crisis?
European Union Flag

Should the UK public be given the final say on Brexit? – Poll

How is it undemocratic to say UK voters should get the final say on EU membership, once we know the details of the final deal?

Poll: Who Will Stand Up For The Poorest In Society?

Which of these political parties do you trust the most to stand up for the best interests of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society?

One In Ten Admit To Using Abusive Language Toward A Disabled Person

One in ten adults have directed abusive language toward a disabled person and many children are copying them, a new poll reveals.

Public Backs Strikes For NHS Fair Pay, Poll Shows

The poll reveals a cross-party consensus among voters supporting both an above one per cent pay rise and support for industrial action.

212,000 People ‘Beaten Up For Being On Benefits’, Shocking Survey Reveals

212,000 people have been 'beaten up for being on benefits' as a direct result of the despicable 'scrounger' rhetoric in the media and 'poverty porn' TV programmes

Public Support For Axing ‘Bedroom Tax’ Has Never Been Higher

Nearly half of the British public are now opposed to the controversial 'bedroom tax', a poll by YouGov has revealed.

Cut Child Benefit For Larger Families, Says Think Tank

If this new policy is adopted, it would see child benefit progressively cut for each child born into a family, and rise by no more than 1% each year over the five-year course of a parliament.

Big Business ‘Should Hang Their Heads In Shame’ Over ‘Poverty Pay’, Say Unite

First ever poll of minimum wage workers confirms poverty pay pricing people out of the economy

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