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Universal credit a train wreck that must be stopped, Lib Dems say

Liberal Democrat work and pensions spokesman to call for next month’s rollout to be cancelled until overhaul takes place.

600,000 pensioners could lose winter fuel allowance under LibDem plans

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has vowed to scrap winter fuel allowance for wealthier pensioners.

LibDems pledge an extra £6bn a year for NHS and social care

Policy would be paid for with a 1p rise on all rates of income tax.

LibDems move to ‘kill’ new Tory restrictions on disability benefits

Outrage after Tories rewrite the law to deny higher disability payments for more than 150,000 disabled people.

Employment tribunal fees ‘pricing people out of justice’

The number of employment tribunal cases has fallen by 9,000 a month, since fees of up to £1,200 were introduced.

Digital Universal Credit system ‘plagued by errors’, says MP

Liberal Democrat Tom Brake says computer crashes and delays have left families in debt and at risk of eviction.

BT Accused Of ‘Shameless Profiteering’ Over Universal Credit Helpline

Tim Farron estimates the telecoms company has made a minimum of £1.49m from calls made by people struggling with the new benefits system.

House Of Lords Votes To Keep Income-Related Child Poverty Measures

Conservatives announced plans to abolish current system of targets, but amendment by Bishop of Durham passes by 290 votes to 198.

Tory Benefit Cuts Face New Attack In Lords

Labour and Lib Dem peers will use debate on reform to warn of child poverty surge.

Tax Credit Cuts Delayed As House Of Lords Defies Tory Threats

Peers twice defied and ignored Tory threats not to stand in the way of changes to tax credits.

Government Faces Showdown In House of Lords Over Tax Credit Cuts

Downing Street is heading for a showdown with the House of Lords over controversial plans to cut tax credits.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – 24 October 2015

This weeks biggest news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

Peers In House Of Lords Move To Block £4.4bn Cuts To Tax Credits

David Cameron accuses Labour and Lib Dem peers of overstepping constitutional role by seeking to block central government decision.

Government Facing Defeat In Lords Over Tax Credits

Tim Farron instructs peers to back fatal motion, greatly increasing chances of government being defeated.

House Of Lords ‘Fatal Motion’ Could ‘Kill’ Osborne’s Tax Credit Cuts

A rarely-used “fatal motion” could to be tabled in the House of Lords, potentially bringing an end to Tory tax credit cuts.

Welfare Weekly Summary, 25 July 2015

This weeks biggest news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

Tim Farron Slams Tories And Labour Over Welfare Cuts (Video)

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron criticised the government's welfare reforms and Labour's refusal to oppose £12bn in cuts.

Tim Farron Urges Labour To Oppose ‘Shameful’ Tory Welfare Cuts

Tim Farron MP has written to Harriet Harman, calling on Labour to oppose the government's "shameful" cuts to welfare spending.

Osborne’s First Budget Without Lib Dems Likely To Hit Welfare State Hard

Cuts to housing benefit, a further lowering of the overall welfare cap as well as reductions in in-work tax credits are all being considered by George Osborne.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 29 (02/05/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Danny Alexander Exposes ‘Secret’ Tory Plans For £8bn In Welfare Cuts

Lib Dem chief secretary accuses Tories of ‘trying to con the British people’ by concealing until after the election plans for major reforms to child benefits and child tax credits.

GE2015: Lib Dems Pledge Free School Meals For Under 11’s

All school children under the age of 11 would be entitled to free school meals, under new plans announced by the Liberal Democrats.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 28 (25/04/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Lib Dems Pledge £250 ‘Bonus’ For Family Carers

One in eight adults in the UK provide unpaid care for friends and family members, saving the economy an estimated £87 billion a year.

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