Thursday, December 14, 2017


Rising homelessness numbers ‘a national outrage’

New figures reveal that the number of households accepted as statutory homeless in England has increased by more than 60% since 2009.

128,000 children in Britain will wake up homeless on Christmas day, charity claims

The number of homeless children in Britain is at its highest level in a decade, shocking new research reveals.

More children homeless or in temporary housing than during crash crisis

Estimated 128,000 children are without a home – more than were in the same situation in 2007 – says Shelter report.

Letters: Council withdraws proposal to fine homeless £1,000 for using tents

Homeless people in Stoke still face swingeing cuts to vital support services.

Shelter issues Christmas homelessness warning

Research by the charity reveals that the number of calls to its helpline has increased by 25% over the last year.

More than 300,000 Brits will wake up homeless this Christmas

Charity calls on members of the public to help support homeless people over the festive season.

Council proposes £1,000 fines for homeless sleeping in tents

Stoke-on-Trent council called ‘callous’ for proposing penalty notice in city centre followed by court appearance and fine.

Landlord threatens mass evictions ahead of universal credit rollout

Lincolnshire property firms sends formal notice of possession to all tenants in case universal credit leads to rent arrears.

One in every 200 people in UK are homeless, according to Shelter

Charity used official government and FoI data to estimate 307,000 people sleeping rough or living in inadequate housing.

Lower benefit cap putting thousands at risk of poverty and homelessness

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to use the upcoming budget to scrap the lower benefit cap.

Councils warn of a ‘ticking time bomb’ in number of older homeless people

Local Government Association reveals a 130% rise in older homelessness over the last eight years.

Corbyn confronts May on the Government’s flawed universal credit system (video)

Labour leader said the roll-out of universal credit is already causing 'debt, poverty and homelessness'

Two women arrested after urinating on homeless man’s bedding, before setting fire to his only possessions

This shocking footage highlights the regular abuse and violence experienced by rough sleepers.

Councils fear surge in evictions as universal credit rollout accelerates

Housing federation says new system poses challenge to landlords, and Guardian investigation reveals claimants’ frustration.

Hammond urged to scrap benefit cap as 1 million face homelessness

Shelter calls on chancellor to act in next month’s budget while council leaders attack failure to fix ‘broken’ housing market.

Halt universal credit or rough sleepers will double, says Burnham

Greater Manchester mayor says officials from across public sector including NHS believe rollout should be stopped.

Single homeless people ‘trapped in a cycle of homelessness’, report says

Report by Crisis finds that many single homeless people are being denied access to social housing.

‘A national disgrace’: homelessness soars by more than 50% since 2009

Latest figures also show a rise in the number of homeless households placed in temporary accommodation.

A fifth of young people are homeless – you just can’t see them

People sleeping rough are vastly outnumbered by those whose homelessness we don’t see. More needs to be done to reach the most vulnerable.

Tory welfare cuts ‘pushing people into poverty and homelessness’

Shelter Scotland says welfare changes 'directly threaten tenancies and risk pushing more people into homelessness'.

Government welfare policy hampering efforts to tackle homelessness

Majority of councils and housing associations say Tory welfare policies are undermining their efforts to reduce homelessness.

Revealed: universal credit sends rent arrears soaring

Housing chiefs’ warning on effect of flagship Tory welfare reform.

English councils’ local welfare schemes in ‘meltdown’

New report reveals that two-thirds of English councils have closed or cut emergency funds, causing greater hardship to low-income families.

Government rebuked for failing to address homelessness crisis

National Audit Office says ministers have no grip on the causes of issue that costs the taxpayer more than £1bn a year.

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