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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Philip Hammond urged to use budget to help low-income families

Rising inflation is exacerbating benefits cuts, says Child Poverty Action Group, making it harder for parents to make ends meet.

DWP announce plans to axe 800 jobs amid Jobcentre closures

PCS union condemned the "dreadful" announcement, adding the DWP should be recruiting more staff rather than axing jobs.

Drug-testing welfare recipients won’t stop addiction, psychiatrists warn

Australia’s peak body for psychiatrists says Coalition’s plan ‘very simplistic’ and at odds with 50 years of evidence.

State pension age rise to affect over 50,000 of Theresa May’s constituents

Theresa May's decision to bring forward changes to the state pension age may come back to haunt her.

Children’s social services ‘pushed to breaking point’, warn Council leaders

Councils forced to exceed their budgets by £605 million in order to protect children at immediate risk of harm.

Scottish Social Security Bill ‘leaves door open’ for means-testing winter fuel allowance

Labour say the SNP must be honest with voters about its plans for winter fuel allowance.

MPs urge government to delay universal credit rollout

MPs’ letter calls for extension of universal credit to be postponed until next year to avoid people suffering Christmas hardship.

UK judges rule DWP wrong to deny appeals over refused benefits

Department for Work and Pensions unlawfully stopped people going to tribunal to challenge refusals, judges say.

Only 1 in 6 people hit by ‘cruel’ Tory benefit cap claim Jobseeker’s Allowance

Number of households sucked into the benefit cap has rocketed by 214%, DWP figures show.

SNP leaving disabled benefit claimants ‘to the mercies of a Tory government’, say Labour

Social security minister Jeane Freeman rejected the allegation, insisting the party has 'campaigned tirelessly' in defense of disabled people.

Seriously ill gran who needs a nebuliser to help her breath told to find a job

Heartless Department for Work and Pensions continues to treat sick and disabled people with utter contempt.

Workers seeking employment justice are trying to get ‘something for nothing’, claims Tory MP

Disgusting comment shows why the Tories can't be trusted on employment rights.

Ministers vow to end employment tribunal fees after court defeat

Supreme court rules fees of up to £1,200 are ‘inconsistent with access to justice’ and government may have to pay back £27m.

Social care providers to escape fines for minimum wage violations

Concerns that minimum wage enforcement activity could destabilise an already struggling social care sector.

Universal Credit causing ‘considerable hardship’ for council housing tenants

Report calls on the government to halt the roll-out of Universal Credit until "the system works properly".

UK ignoring the human rights and basic dignity of people with learning disabilities

Tories accused of being 'arrogant' and in 'confused denial' about the impact of austerity cuts on disabled people.

State pension changes will cost 7 million people £10,000 each

Analysis shows each person affected may lose £9,800 after government announces raising pension age earlier than planned.

Zero-hours contracts on the decline in Scotland – but rise by 101,000 across UK

SNP back calls for zero-hours contracts to be banned, and demand full devolution of employment and equalities laws.

Doctors union blasts ‘abhorrent attack on low income families and children’

British Medical Association condemns 'shameful' tax credits 'rape clause'.

Highlanders owe nearly £1 million in Universal Credit rent arrears

Highland Council leaders slam "ludicrously flawed" Universal Credit system.

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