Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Lib Dem leader says party no longer supports policy in its present form in intensification of Tory 'differentiation strategy'

Council Tax Benefit Axe Pushing London’s Poorest To ‘Breaking Point’ As 118,000 Receive Court Summons

Z2K and CPAG are calling on the Government to scrap this policy and return to a national, fully funded system of Council Tax Benefit.

Unemployment Figures Mask Lowest Wage Growth Since Records Began

The latest statistics released today by the ONS show that average pay has increased by only 0.7% on this time last year, or just 0.3% excluding bonuses.

ESA Claimants With Mental Health Issues Could Have Benefits Axed If They Refuse Treatment

Sickness benefit claimants with mental health conditions risk having their benefits axed if they refuse treatment, under new plans being drawn up by the Conservative Party.

Devastating Impact Of Welfare Cuts Leaves Households Struggling To Cope

The report - One day at a time - investigated the cumulative impact of welfare reforms in Wales and found that many households were 'struggling to maintain a minimum standard of living'.

Welfare Reforms In Breach Of ‘Legal Obligations’ To Protect Disabled People, Finds Landmark Report

The report will be submitted to the United Nations expert bodies that monitor implementation with the relevant human rights treaties.

DWP will appeal against judgment on emergency legislation that was introduced after previous ruling against welfare schemes

DVLA Website Lets Visitors Check On Neighbours Benefits

A new vehicle check service allows visitors to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA or either rate of the mobility component of PIP.

Survey of adult social services chiefs reveals 'unpalatable' cuts for older and vulnerable people are in the offing as care budgets shrink

National Audit Office discovers DWP is obliged to make bonus payments even to badly performing work programme providers

Labour MP John McDonnell has supported the demonstration, saying that government actions have left people 'desperate'

Food Bank Users Choose Alcohol And Drugs Over Feeding Their Own Children, Says Tory Councillor

To the dismay and anger of Labour councillors present at a Coventry Council debate on food banks, Cllr Julia Lepoidevin couldn't wait to get stuck in and demonise local residents who turn to food banks to help feed their families. The tory councillor for Coventry's...

Government To Ban ‘Exclusivity’ Clauses In Zero-Hours Contracts

The coalition government is to unveil plans to ban 'exclusivity' clauses in zero-hours contracts, the Business Secretary Vince Cable has revealed.

BMA chair Mark Porter accuses ministers of blaming doctors for failed policy and vows to show how public money is wasted

Labour Calls For ‘Hard-Headed’ Review Of Flagship Universal Credit

The Labour Party has called for a "hard-headed" review of the coalition government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, following the publication of an independent report today (23 June 2014). The Universal Credit Rescue Committee was asked by Labour to explore ways of rescuing the government's...

Personal Independence Payments ‘Nothing Short Of A Fiasco’

The Public Accounts Select Committee described the implementation of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as 'nothing short of a fiasco, pushing sick and disabled people into the arms of loan sharks and food banks.

Government Criticised For Over-Emphasising 0.7% Benefit Fraud

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has accused the coalition government of over-emphasising benefit fraud in a report on fraud and error in the benefits system.

Labour leader sets out reforms based on training incentives as poll finds 78% of voters think welfare system unfair

Thinktank launches expert review of welfare scheme, saying policy changes have not received sufficient scrutiny

Thinktank's report for policy review will propose benefits be linked more closely to contributions

Work Capability Assessments ‘Leaving Sick And Disabled On A Knife-Edge’

The current benefits system is failing people with disabilities and mental health problems and pressuring people into undertaking compulsory activities.

Study of risk factors in the north east finds rent arrears, food poverty and crime on the rise. Homelessness will come next





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