Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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The UK Faculty of Public Health will call for national food policy including sugar tax as concerns rise over vitamin deficiencies

Campaigners say poor cannot afford charge imposed on them for first time last year, leaving councils chasing lost revenue

Almost A MILLION Working Families Skipping Meals To Pay The Rent

Almost a MILLION working parents are skipping meals so they can afford to pay the rent or mortgage, shocking new figures reveal.

Critics brand eBay-style system auctionyourgranny.com while company says it is changing behaviour in a 'too fluffy' market

Self-Harm And Suicide Attempts Soar On NHS Wards, Say Labour

Labour Party Media Release: More patients are self-harming and attempting suicide in NHS hospitals, new figures reveal. Data obtained by Labour’s Luciana Berger MP, Shadow Minister for Public Health, show the number of suicide attempts and self-harm incidents in mental health hospitals increased by over 50...

Majority Of Social Security Cuts Fall On Working Families, Say TUC

Welfare reforms spectacularly fail the Prime Minister’s new family test, says TUC.

‘Fit For Work’ Tests ‘Far From Satisfactory’, Says Think Tank

The highly controversial 'fit for work' test is “far from satisfactory” for people with mental health problems, a damning new report has found.

Neither the original fear that migrants were taking British jobs nor the reversal of this trend were supported by official data

Pensioners Suffer Hardest From £9 BILLION A Year Social Security Cuts, Say TUC

The TUC say this is evidence that the Tory-led coalition government has “broken its promise” to protect pensioner benefits.

Concerns Grow Over Poor Wage Growth As Self Employment Soars

A rise in employment and sharp drop in the number of people out of work has had little effect on the scandal of low wages, the latest figures show. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday show that the UK unemployment...

The manifesto pledge aims to give a 'fair warning' to job seekers who risk forfeiting their benefits

Economic Recovery Will Not Solve Youth Unemployment Problem, Says Think Tank

The report says that a “mismatch” between available jobs and educational courses for 16 to 24-year-olds is putting young people at a disadvantage in a highly competitive jobs market.

He’s the misery man, turning to tricks and magical thinking when the flaws in his benefits plans are revealed

Unemployed Britons To Blame For High Levels Of Immigration, Says IDS

The UK is attracting high levels of immigration because the benefit system in allowing too many British born people to escape work, says Iain Duncan Smith.

300,000 Unemployed People Each Month Face ‘Five Week Wait’ For Benefits, New Research Shows

New research by the TUC reveals that 300,000 newly unemployed people each month will be hit by a 'five week wait' to claim benefits, during which time no payments will be made.

Benefit Reform “Shambles” Pushing Disabled People To Suicide, Says Whistleblower

Sick and disabled claimants are experiencing severe distress and some are even close to suicide due to botched disability benefit reform, an insider has revealed.

Report Slams Shocking 64% Rise In London’s Rough Sleepers

The shocking rise comes at the same time as figures show a 25% drop in the number of beds in emergency night shelters.

Zero Hours Contracts Force Workers To Rely On Food Banks, Says Charity

Zero hours contracts are forcing Scottish workers to turn to food banks and payday lenders, according to a new report from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Select committee finds that eligibility tests for benefits are inaccurate and system fails to help claimants back into work

Policy Exchange report finds employment service is failing to help a third of customers and recommends splitting services

Cut Child Benefit For Larger Families, Says Think Tank

If this new policy is adopted, it would see child benefit progressively cut for each child born into a family, and rise by no more than 1% each year over the five-year course of a parliament.

Lib Dem leader says party no longer supports policy in its present form in intensification of Tory 'differentiation strategy'