Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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DWP ‘rewarding failure’ with ‘huge payouts’ to disability benefit assessors

DWP to payout more than £700 million to two private contractors, at a time when more than half of PIP appeals are successful.

Benefit cuts blamed as more than 50,000 disabled people lose their mobility vehicles

51,000 disabled people have had their mobility vehicles removed after being reassessed for Personal Independence Payment.

Stop PIP reassessments for patients with progressive diseases, campaigners say

MPs and charities say rising number of retesting claimants with incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis makes little sense.

Charity condemns ‘hidden’ Tory cuts set to hit thousands of disabled people

'Hidden' disability cuts have been sneaked through without proper scrutiny or public consultation.

Woman hit by benefits sanction after miscarriage says experience left her feeling ‘suicidal’

Lyndsey Turnbull was left with just £24 a week to live on.

Disabled Brits denied equal rights and an adequate standard of living, report says

EHRC report says benefit cuts are 'significantly affecting the already low living standards of disabled people'.

SNP: Tory disability benefit cuts ‘a dark moment’ in UK history

SNP condemn £30 a week cut in vital benefits for sick and disabled people, which comes into force on Saturday.

Disability benefit assessments ‘failing those who need help the most’

Independent report find lack of public trust in the 'fairness and consistency' of Personal Independence Payment assessments.

DWP minister admits disabled people are wrongly refused benefits

Admission adds weight to allegations that cuts have left the welfare system unfit for purpose.

Councils need ‘full flexibility’ on how they spend £2bn social care funding

Council leaders say local authorities in England should be able to target the extra cash where it's needed most.

Disabled fear Medicaid cuts will diminish their independence

Fears US states may be tempted to drop home-based services for the disabled.

American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK

It’s easier to accept the limitless Tory lies rather than face reality, says Mo Stewart.

Over 30 charities call on the DWP to rethink ‘damaging’ disability benefit changes

Charity chiefs say people with mental health conditions face missing out on £3.7 billion in Personal Independence Payments by 2022.

DWP confirm existing ESA claimants will not be affected by £30 a week cut – sort of

Questions remain regarding existing claimants who appeal against a negative decision after the cut-off date.

People with mental health conditions denied equal access to the benefits system

DWP instructs assessors not to regard physical impairments caused by mental illness in the same way as physical disabilities.

‘Fit for work’ tests cause ‘suicidal thoughts’ and must be ‘redesigned completely’

Work Capability Assessments "are fundamentally discriminatory to people with mental health conditions", report says.

One in five disabled workers illegally denied workplace support

Employers have a legal obligation to support disabled employees under the Equality Act 2010.

Budget 2017: Charities condemn ‘missed opportunity’ to halt disability benefit cuts

Tories press ahead with cuts to sickness and disability benefits, despite warnings more disabled people will be pushed into poverty.

SNP: Tories must ‘fundamentally rethink’ callous disability benefit cuts

SNP call on UK Government not to remove vital financial support from 160,000 disabled people.

Call for 5% funding increase to save learning disabilities sector

Chancellor urged to take action in Spring Budget, or risk three in four providers running into deficit.

Disability benefits process is ‘inherently flawed’, MPs told

As many as 80% of denied personal independence payment claims are overturned on appeal because of failures in system, say campaigners.

Disability benefit change shows Tories are still ‘nasty party’, says Corbyn

Labour leader accuses government of ‘sneaking out’ news that it was overturning tribunal rulings on personal independence payments.