Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Disabled People’s ‘Right To Control’ Care Support Will Not Be Rolled Out Nationally, Admits Minister

An evaluation found that the 'right to control' "may not have resulted in any measurable" positive impact for disabled people.

ESA Claimants With Mental Health Issues Could Have Benefits Axed If They Refuse Treatment

Sickness benefit claimants with mental health conditions risk having their benefits axed if they refuse treatment, under new plans being drawn up by the Conservative Party.

Sickness Benefit Sanctions On The Rise, DWP Figures Show (Graph)

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) show that the number of sick and disabled people who have had their sickness benefit sanctioned is on the rise.

Government In Court Over Disability Benefit Changes

Court proceedings begin in Birmingham to determine whether the Government’s decision to change the eligibility criteria for the disability benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was unlawful.

Welfare Reforms In Breach Of ‘Legal Obligations’ To Protect Disabled People, Finds Landmark Report

The report will be submitted to the United Nations expert bodies that monitor implementation with the relevant human rights treaties.

DVLA Website Lets Visitors Check On Neighbours Benefits

A new vehicle check service allows visitors to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA or either rate of the mobility component of PIP.

Labour Has A ‘Moral Obligation’ To Defend The Sick And Disabled, Say Campaigners

Campaigners have written an open letter to Ed Miliband, in which they plead to the Labour leader to "stop apologising for the welfare state" and urge the party to "defend the weak, the sick, the old, the poor".

‘DWP Has Serious Questions To Answer’ Over ‘Mismanaged’ Welfare Reforms, Say SNP

“The DWP has serious questions to answer over its poor performance in recent years and the way in which it has completely mismanaged the implementation of Universal Credit", say SNP.

Labour MP John McDonnell has supported the demonstration, saying that government actions have left people 'desperate'

Welfare News Service Summary – Week Ending Sunday 22 June 2014

Links to all of the news reports and press releases published by the Welfare News Service (WNS) in the last week.

Personal Independence Payments ‘Nothing Short Of A Fiasco’

The Public Accounts Select Committee described the implementation of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as 'nothing short of a fiasco, pushing sick and disabled people into the arms of loan sharks and food banks.

Disabled Equality Campaigners Twitter Abuse Hell

The Twitter abuse ranges from vague, general threats in broken English to personal, homophobic and disablist comments, images and overt threats.

Plans To Close Disabled Persons Independent Living Fund Should Be Scrapped, Say PCS

Disabled people could lose their independence as a result of a cut to a key fund, a government minister admitted today.

Army Of Home Carers Plan ‘Virtual Strike’ In Heartbreaking Plea To Iain Duncan Smith

An 'army' of home carers are planning a virtual strike on 21 June to highlight the governments non-recognition of those who work 'round the clock' caring for sick, disabled or elderly friends or relatives.

Work Capability Assessments ‘Leaving Sick And Disabled On A Knife-Edge’

The current benefits system is failing people with disabilities and mental health problems and pressuring people into undertaking compulsory activities.

Atos bosses claim staff have suffered vilification for doing their jobs, suggesting other firms will find it hard to recruit staff

DWP Face Second Legal Challenge Against Independent Living Fund Closure

The claimants, represented by Deighton Pierce Glynn and Scott-Moncrieff & Associates, fear that loss of ILF support would threaten their right to live with dignity

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Official Statistics – June 2014

The DWP has released the first Personal Independence Payment caseload statistics since the introduction of the new disability benefit in 2013

Council Failed To Provide Adequate Respite Care For Severely Disabled Child

A Lancashire family missed out on quality time together for more than two years, because the county council did not provide the correct support to their severely disabled daughter

Family With Disabled Child To Appeal Against ‘Bedroom Tax’ Ruling

Two grandparents caring for a severely disabled child hit by the “bedroom tax” vowed to fight on today, after their judicial review challenge was dismissed by the High Court.

We Should Join Forces To End ‘Shameless’ Government Attacks Against Disabled People, Say TUC

TUC is urging unions and disability organisations to 'come together' to combat "shameless" government attacks against disabled people and welfare cuts.

Revealed: Disabled Persons Employment Rates By Type Of Impairment

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) show how government initiatives have failed to help sufficient numbers of sick and disabled people into work. The figures show that unemployment rates among those with debilitating health conditions and disabilities remains stubbornly high. People with...