Government U-Turn On Disability Benefits Leaves Budget In Disarray

Stephen Crabb scraps cuts that prompted departure of Iain Duncan Smith, and sparks uncertainty over further pledges.

Four out five young carers receive no council support, says study

Children’s commissioner calls for local authorities to help more young people who care for sick, disabled or addicted relatives.

McDonnell defends calling Tory MP ‘stain of inhumanity’

Comment about Esther McVey was made in anger but it is ‘better to be honest with people’, says shadow chancellor.

Fit-For-Work Tests May Have Taken Serious Toll On Mental Health – Study

Research links additional 590 suicides and 725,000 antidepressant prescriptions over three years to impact of work capability assessment.

‘Callous And Incompetent’: Labour Demands U-Turn On Damaging Tory Benefits Cuts

Labour says the new Work and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb MP , should reverse damaging cuts to Universal Credit and disability benefits.

Tory welfare cuts undermine the UK’s human rights record, says watchdog

Years of cuts to welfare benefits and Tory plans to scrap the Human Rights Act threaten "Britain’s position as a global leader in human rights".

Lib Dems Pledge £250 ‘Bonus’ For Family Carers

One in eight adults in the UK provide unpaid care for friends and family members, saving the economy an estimated £87 billion a year.

Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition Calling For Brutal ESA Cuts To Be Reversed

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling on the UK government to reverse cuts to Employment and Support Allowance.

85% Of Disabled Jobseekers Say Their Condition Has An Impact On Job-Hunting

Up to 85% of disabled people say their condition impacts on their chances of finding a job, according to new research.

UK austerity policies ‘amount to violations of disabled people’s rights’

UN says measures aimed at reducing public spending since 2010 have affected disabled people disproportionately.

Sanctioned Jobseekers With Mental Health Problems Are Not ‘Vulnerable’, Says DWP

Sanctioned JSA claimants with mental health illnesses are not considered 'vulnerable' enough by the DWP for immediate support.

Fines From Bank Libor Rigging May Be Used To Close Hospital Disability Units

Report calls for new charter of rights for people with learning disabilities after Winterbourne View scandal

Labour Blast Tories ‘Abject Failure To Support Disabled People Into Work’

Official figures reveal a sharp decline in the number of disabled people supported into work through the Work Choice programme.

Welfare Reforms In Breach Of ‘Legal Obligations’ To Protect Disabled People, Finds Landmark Report

The report will be submitted to the United Nations expert bodies that monitor implementation with the relevant human rights treaties.

Disabled Equality Campaigners Twitter Abuse Hell

The Twitter abuse ranges from vague, general threats in broken English to personal, homophobic and disablist comments, images and overt threats.

ILF Closure: ‘Turning The Clock Back To The Dark Ages’ For Disabled People

Disabled people face being "excluded from our society" resulting in thousands being excluded from work, further education and general participation in society.

‘Biased’ fit for work tests penalise poorer people

New study finds that disabled people living in deprived areas are more likely to lose their benefits under the government’s controversial assessments system.

Thousands of jobs to go in government shakeout of welfare to work sector

Funding to shrink by 75% from March when work programme is replaced by much smaller work and health programme.

Tory Government Has ‘Written Off’ People With Disabilities (Video)

The government is intent on destroying the welfare state and has 'written off' people with disabilities, says BBC Question Time audience member.

Callous DWP Orders Severely Disabled Man To Prove He Cannot Feed Himself

Stuart Chester cannot speak, read, wash or even feed himself. But this hasn't stopped the DWP from ordering him to prove he is unable to work.

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