Sunday, January 21, 2018


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DWP tells woman with Dementia she can ‘care for herself’ and removes her benefits

Cruel decision comes despite the fact that she often forgets to turn off the gas after cooking.

DWP Gets Tough On Sickness Benefit Claimants

The Department for Work and Pensions has today announced a number of changes to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Work Capability Assessments.

Sanctioned Jobseekers With Mental Health Problems Are Not ‘Vulnerable’, Says DWP

Sanctioned JSA claimants with mental health illnesses are not considered 'vulnerable' enough by the DWP for immediate support.

Appeal Judgement Denies Disability Benefits For Mental Health Sufferers

Upper Tribunal decision means that mentally ill people who need to be accompanied outdoors could be denied Personal Independence Payment.

Shocking Benefits Story Exposes Britain’s ‘Barbaric’ Welfare System

Vulnerable benefit claimant suffered severe mental health problems and weight loss, whilst battling to navigate a 'barbaric' benefits system.

Disabled set-up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer

Video: Ex DWP officer says claimants were encouraged to change answers "in a way that would drop themselves in it".

DVLA Website Lets Visitors Check On Neighbours Benefits

A new vehicle check service allows visitors to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA or either rate of the mobility component of PIP.

Disabled woman ‘eating out of bins to survive’ half a year after her benefits were axed

Ann Cumberland-Quinn has been living out of her car since DWP officials axed her disability benefits earlier this year.

DWP Forced To Apologise After Terminally Ill Benefit Claimant Tried To Take His Own Life

The DWP has been forced to apologise, after wrongfully selecting a terminally ill benefit claimant to be reassessed for sickness benefit.

Disabled Woman Who ‘Can’t Get Through The Night Without Oxygen’ Told She’ll Lose Vital Benefits

A seriously sick and disabled woman has been told her £220 a month in vital disability benefits will be cut.

‘Devastating’ Tory Attacks On Disabled People Cannot Go Unchallenged, Says Comedian

Francesca Martinez has launched a petition calling for a full impact assessment into cuts to support for disabled people.

Woman has disability benefits axed for having life-saving open-heart surgery

Lyn had her disability benefits axed for missing an appointment, after collapsing at home following life-saving open-heart surgery.

Thousands of jobs to go in government shakeout of welfare to work sector

Funding to shrink by 75% from March when work programme is replaced by much smaller work and health programme.

Stephen Crabb Wants To Sack Private Sector Disability Assessment Firms

Disability campaigners have welcomed reports that the new Work and Pensions Secretary is considering sacking under-performing disability assessment contractors.

Revealed: Universal Credit capability for work questionnaire

Official universal credit capability for work questionnaire.

‘Ten Million Disabled People Will Lose If Britain Leaves The EU’, Says Labour MEP

Disabled people could lose more than any other social group if the UK votes to leave the European Union, a Labour MEP has warned.

Disabled Couple’s Bedroom Tax Victory ‘Could Have Consequences Across Country’

Councils policy of including disability benefits when calculating housing support for Bedroom Tax victims is illegal, rules the High Court.

Jobcentre Staff ‘Bullying’ Benefit Claimants To Tears

The Scottish Welfare Reform Committee has heard evidence of Jobcentre staff bullying benefit claimants, often reducing them to tears.

Disabled Man Forced To Quit His Job Because Of Tory Benefit Cuts

Disabled Multiple Sclerosis sufferer told he must hand over the car he needs to get to work.

Terminally Ill Benefit Claimants Asked When They Expect To Die, MP Says

Frank Field writes to work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, over claims of ‘intrusive and painful questioning’ by assessors.

Disability Benefit Cut: Tory Backbenchers Call For Rethink

Tory MP says group of backbenchers plans to press for widely-condemned budget changes to personal independence payments to be softened.

Theresa May will be no friend to the poor and vulnerable, voting record shows

Theresa May's voting record will undoubtedly leave many people worried about what the future may hold.