Thursday, December 14, 2017


128,000 children in Britain will wake up homeless on Christmas day, charity claims

The number of homeless children in Britain is at its highest level in a decade, shocking new research reveals.

More children homeless or in temporary housing than during crash crisis

Estimated 128,000 children are without a home – more than were in the same situation in 2007 – says Shelter report.

UK government warned over sharp rise in child and pensioner poverty

Almost 400,000 more UK children and 300,000 more pensioners plunged into poverty in past four years, new study finds.

Disadvantaged children face worse outcomes in some rich areas – report

Britain is in a ‘spiral of ever-growing division’ with rural and coastal regions being left behind, warns social mobility tsar.

Families face bleak Christmas due to Universal Credit rollout, says Corbyn

Labour leader says Tory social security policy "is causing debt, hardship and homelessness", and calls for an "immediately pause" to the rollout of Universal Credit.

Children’s Commissioners warn Tory welfare cuts are driving up child poverty

The Children’s Commissioners from all four UK nations call on Chancellor Philip Hammond to reverse years of social security cuts.

Charities warn of ‘devastating cost’ of cuts to children’s services

With council spending on early intervention cut by 40%, ministers urged to prevent ‘crisis turning into catastrophe’.

Tories forced to clarify tax credits ‘rape clause’ policy

UK Government continue to defend the indefensible 'rape clause' and two-child tax credits policy, says SNP MP.

Universal Credit will push a MILLION more children into poverty, report warns

Tories accused of a “colossal failure of public policy”, as charity warns years of cuts have created "an austerity generation whose childhoods and life chances will be scarred".

Universal Credit ‘pushing single parents with young children into poverty’

Government urged to suspend universal credit job-seeking requirements "until sufficient childcare and flexible work opportunities are available".

Child poverty in Britain set to soar to new record, says thinktank

IFS forecast that 37% of children will be in relative poverty by 2022 would see all progress made in the last 20 years undone.

Benefit cuts fuel surge in demand for vital children’s services

New survey reveals that many councils are struggling to provide children and their families with the support they desperately need.

Two-child limit on benefit claims to be challenged in court

Campaigners are granted judicial review of policy, which stops benefits being paid for more than two children.

Universal credit flaw puts new welfare system at odds with free school meals

Thinktank says unless design problem is addressed, government could face a £600m bill.

Austerity policy blamed for record numbers of children taken into care

Fragmented approach to public services is damaging communities in England and punishing the poor, say council leaders.

Tories forced into climb-down on ‘cruel baby benefit bar’

Families of under-threes with life-shortening conditions were unable to access the full Disability Living Allowance payment.

Labour leadership hopeful says new tax credit proposal could lift 50,000 children out of poverty

The proposal would see an extra £10 a week go to children from low-income Scottish families.

‘Kinship carers’ denied thousands of pounds over two-child cap

Campaigners call for change to rules as people are denied tax credits for their own children after caring for young relatives.

Return of the Tory milk snatchers

UK Government urged to commit to funding school milk subsidies after Brexit.

‘There are children out there starving’, says foodbank

Flaws in the welfare system are leaving children and their families hungry and at risk of starvation, a Cornish foodbank has warned.

Scottish union blasts ‘despicable’ Tory social security policies

EIS President Nicola Fisher criticised unjust cuts to social security benefits affecting children and families.

SNP blast ‘seven year assault on low income families’

SNP join charities and anti-poverty campaigners in calling on the UK Government to end the benefit freeze and scrap the two-child cap on tax credit.

Thousands of Scottish children at risk of poverty and homelessness thanks to Tory benefits cap

Scottish Green Party call on the Scottish Government to help mitigate the devastating effects of the lower benefits cap on children in Scotland.

Bishops call for £5 child benefit top-up

Scottish bishops back campaign to lift 30,000 children in Scotland out of poverty by increasing child benefit by £5 a week.

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