Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Biggest ever study of food banks warns use likely to increase

Oxford University research finds that poverty and hunger are all too real for a growing number of British people.

Two in three support £5 a week child benefit increase

Poll reveals a strong public appetite to lift poverty-stricken Scottish children out of hardship and destitution.

Disability rights must be protected post Brexit, says charity

Leading disability rights charity publishes 'manifesto for disability rights in a post-EU UK'.

Disability charity lists ‘ten priorities’ for new Tory minority government

Disability Rights UK call for 'fit for work' tests to be replaced and the abolition of 'bedroom tax', among other demands.

Public sector workers far more likely to suffer poor mental health

Charity Mind calls on the next government to make mental health 'a top priority'.

Thousands demand an end to disability benefit cuts

Over 16,500 people have signed an open letter to party leaders, urging an end to disability benefit cuts.

Charities say ‘gag law’ stops them speaking out on Tory social care plans

Sector leaders say they feel muzzled by 2014 legislation despite believing policies would prove hugely damaging.

Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK

A mapping project by the Independent Food Aid Network found at least 2,000 food banks giving out parcels to those in need, with demand continuing to grow.

Charity demands better support for the UK’s 6.5 MILLION unpaid carers

Carers UK calls on all political parties to commit to improving the lives of unpaid carers.

Disability charity says it will face crisis if forced to pay minimum wage

Mencap loses appeal against ruling that it was wrong to have paid a support worker £29.05 for nine-hour sleep-in shift.

Charities welcome ‘crucial step forward in fighting homelessness’

Conservative MP Bob Blackman’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been granted royal assent.

Millions of older people missing out on £3.5bn in unclaimed benefits

Around one in four UK pensioners are not claiming all the state benefits they are entitled to, research by Age UK shows.

Thousands of Scottish pensioners missing out on personal care payments

Research by Age Scotland found that four thousand older people were made to wait several weeks for a care assessment.

Breadline Britain: Welfare cuts push more than 145,000 Scots to food banks

Shocking figure includes almost 50,000 children, as years of Tory austerity leaves poverty-stricken families unable to put food on the table.

Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos

Charity calls for immediate reduction in six-week wait for first benefit payment after handing out 1,182,954 emergency parcels.

Benefit sanctions hit one in seven single parents, research shows

'Single parents increasingly feel punished for being unable to juggle seeking work and looking after their children', charity says.

Stop PIP reassessments for patients with progressive diseases, campaigners say

MPs and charities say rising number of retesting claimants with incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis makes little sense.

Charity condemns ‘hidden’ Tory cuts set to hit thousands of disabled people

'Hidden' disability cuts have been sneaked through without proper scrutiny or public consultation.

Councils treating rough sleepers like criminals, says homeless charity

Councils targeting rough sleepers with draconian enforcement measures normally reserved for serious antisocial behaviour.

Homelessness ‘endangering the lives of a growing number of people’

Scottish Government urged to tackle growing homeless crisis, after rough sleeper is found dead in shop doorway.

Tories may cause ‘irreparable damage’ to homeless services, charity warns

Funding for homeless services has been cut by 45% since 2010/11 - and could be reduced even further.

‘Benefit cuts fuelling rising homelessness’, charity warns

Housing shortage and Tory cuts to social security benefits "fuelling" rising homelessness crisis in England, report says.