Thursday, December 14, 2017


Pension savings ‘under threat’ from cold call scams

UK Government urged to ban pension cold calls, as MPs warn people's savings are under threat from scammers.

Minimum wage ‘downgrade’ to cost low-paid over £500 a year

'National Living Wage' expected to fall short of the £9.10 an hour by 2021, promised by George Osborne.

Britain on course for the longest fall in living standards since records began

Resolution Foundation says Brits face the "longest period of continuous falls in disposable incomes in over 60 years".

Higher rate UK taxpayers gain most in budget changes

Rise in personal tax allowance benefits higher ratepayers by £340 a year with basic rate band £70 better off and universal credit recipients better by just 50p per week.

1 in 4 pensioners to use heating allowance for food and Christmas presents

Research reveals the financial difficulties faced by older people struggling to keep their homes warm as winter approaches.

Benefit payment dates Christmas 2017

Check to see you'll receive benefit and tax credits early over the festive season. We have the official payment dates for you here!

Nearly a third of UK households too poor to make ends meet, research shows

The incomes of 19 million people fall below what the public believe is needed for a decent standard of living, research shows.

Corbyn vows to slash household utility bills by £220 a year

Labour reiterates its manifesto pledge to reduce household bills by renationalising utility companies and Royal Mail.

UK workplace pensions system ‘sustainable but inadequate’, says thinktank

Young British workers face a 'monumental savings challenge' if they are to enjoy the same retirement income as current retirees.

No end to Tory cuts? Austerity predicted to continue ‘well into the 2020s’

IFS report says Philip Hammond needs to find an additional £34bn from spending cuts and tax rises to meet the Government's fiscal targets.

Two-thirds of UK households consider themselves to be ‘just about managing’

This is the social economic group the Government pledged to help in the recent Autumn Statement.

Emergency Fundraiser: Please Donate To Help Keep Welfare Weekly Online

With just days to go before we may be forced to close down, we're reaching out to our fans and readers for their support.

Taxes and benefit cuts await 1 in 8 people using Tory pension freedoms – report

One in eight people using new pension freedoms have being caught out by unexpected taxes and cuts to benefits, says Citizens Advice.

Stagnant wages trap MILLIONS of households in ‘problem debt’

Shocking research reveals 3.2 million households are in ‘problem debt’, while more than a million are in 'extreme problem debt'.

Three in five pension pot raiders have no plans for future care costs, research shows

Citizens Advice warns people who dip into their pension pot now may later discover they cannot afford future care costs.

Pension freedom withdrawals accelerate to top £6bn

More than 770,000 over-55s have taken an average of £11,000 each out of their pots, raising concern many may run out of cash.

UK real wages plummet by more than 10% in just eight years

Real-terms wages in the UK fell by more than 10% between 2007 and 2015, the biggest fall among leading OECD countries.

Middle-income families in UK resemble the poor of years past, says IFS

Households on middle incomes receive 30% of income from benefits and tax credits, a rise on 20 years ago, report finds.

Blockchain and benefits payments: A step too far?

Mobile app could be used to track benefit claimants spending habits, as opponents express data privacy concerns.

Lowest-paid workers to receive smaller pay rises, says thinktank

Uncertainty caused by Brexit vote means ‘national living wage’ will rise more slowly, according to the Resolution Foundation.

Council tax debt collection tactics pushing people further into the red

Citizens Advice report highlights how some councils add extra charges to a debt, send in bailiffs and take court action before trying to arrange repayment plans.

Brexit could see UK’s poorest regions lose almost £9bn in crucial funding

The UK's poorest regions are set to lose almost £9bn in crucial EU grants after Brexit, leading think tank warns.

A basic income could be the best way to tackle inequality

In this precarious environment of work and welfare, universal income could guarantee a basic standard of living previously promised by both.

Nearly half of Brits willing to lend almost £500 to relatives – but may never get it back

45% of Brits willing to lend £500 to a family member despite almost half stating they have lent money previously that they didn't get back.

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