Thursday, December 14, 2017


Naughty or nice? Help Santa put these UK politicians on the correct list

Even Santa needs a little help from time to time.

MPs are treating our democracy and the public with callous contempt

Politicians are putting their own self interests and those of their party before the needs of the people they are elected to serve.

Universal credit – or universal disaster?

Few people fully realise the apocalyptic impact universal credit may have on millions of low-income households.

Our social security system has become a welfare deterrent

Sue Jones writes that social security has been transformed from a system that once aided people in need, to one that punishes them for needing support.
European Union Flag

Should the UK public be given the final say on Brexit? – Poll

How is it undemocratic to say UK voters should get the final say on EU membership, once we know the details of the final deal?

Editorial: Where is the public outcry over the cruel benefits freeze?

Are the poor and disabled any less deserving of our support than public service workers?

Theresa May may be forced to end austerity – but don’t hold your breath

History teaches us that the Conservatives are the party of pain and misery.

Thatcher’s dark legacy must be stopped

Neoliberal politics opened the door for the future destruction of the welfare state when aided by an unelected banker with too much political power, writes Mo Stewart.

Editorial: Tories get a cruel fix from seeing poor people suffer

For the modern Conservative Party, there's nothing "difficult" about cutting financial support for those lease able to defend themselves.

Tories target unborn babies as devastating tax credit cuts come into force

Limiting child tax credits to two children could lead to a rise in abortions.

Welfare reform is killing people, but the Tory press don’t want you to know

Rising numbers of deaths all linked to the ongoing welfare reforms remain unreported.

Opinion: I’m proud of our once great social security system – and you should be too!

The poor and vulnerable have been unfairly demonised by a political and media elite who know nothing about life on the breadline.

Tory incompetence has pushed social care to the brink – and you’re paying for it

Why should the public be made to foot the bill for Tory incompetence?

In-work sanctions are incompatible with ‘halving the disability employment gap’

The government have introduced in-work benefit sanctions for low paid and part-time workers.

Neoliberalism and inequality are strongly linked with increasing ill-health

Research suggests the health of the nation has been detrimentally affected by neoliberal economic and social policies.

Opinion: Don’t blame migrants for your own welfare woes – blame the Tories

Don't fall for the government's divide and rule tactics.

Sick and disabled people unable to work should be guaranteed a living income

Why sick and disabled people who are unable to work should be guaranteed an income equal to the living wage.

The benefit cap, phrenology and the new Conservative character divination

Tories continue to believe the poor are to blame for "broken Britain", rather than their own disastrous decision-making.

Ken Loach: Punishing The Poor Is Part Of David Cameron’s Project

Film-maker says it would be pointless to show his Palme d’Or-winner I, Daniel Blake to Conservative government.

Two-Child Tax Credit Cap Stinks Of Tory Eugenics

Child Tax Credit cap is purposefully aimed at reducing family size among the poor, writes Sue Jones.

Opinion: Politicians Need To Learn A Thing Or Two About Morality

Politicians who harass and bully disabled people though welfare cuts are in no position to complain about publishing their tax returns.

Labour Must Work Harder To Defend Disabled People Against Tory Cuts

Letters: Disabled people need the Labour Party to unite and work harder to hold the government to account, a concerned citizen writes.

Benefit Sanctions Can’t Possibly ‘Incentivise’ People To Work – And Here’s Why

Imposing sanctions on people who already have very limited resources is not only irrational, it is absurdly and spectacularly cruel.

Sick And Disabled Hit By 70,000 Benefit Sanctions – Despite Being ‘Unfit For Work’

DWP figures show a huge rise in the number of sick and disabled people hit by controversial benefit sanctions.

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