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Fortress Mentality On EU Migration Creates Xenophobia, Warns Italian PM

Tens of thousands of British migrants are claiming unemployment benefits in other EU countries.

DWP rebuked over ‘terrible’ response to PIP review

Response "is a terrible missed opportunity" to immediately improve the Personal Independence Payment assessment process, says Frank Field MP.

Struggling families take out ‘benefit loans’ to pay Christmas costs

Credit union reports a rise in the number of families taking out loans secured on social security benefits.

UK government warned over sharp rise in child and pensioner poverty

Almost 400,000 more UK children and 300,000 more pensioners plunged into poverty in past four years, new study finds.

‘Disabled Poor’, Struggling To Pay An Extra £550 Month

Trying to cope with above average living costs, pushes many into debt.

Benefit cuts blamed for 51% surge in use of bailiffs for council tax debts

London has seen a 51% hike in the use of bailiffs to chase down the debts from the capital’s poorest households.

Campaigners Unite Against ‘Grotesquely Cruel’ Benefit Sanctions

Thousands of campaigners are preparing to march on more than 70 Jobcentres across the UK.

DWP Forced To Apologise After Terminally Ill Benefit Claimant Tried To Take His Own Life

The DWP has been forced to apologise, after wrongfully selecting a terminally ill benefit claimant to be reassessed for sickness benefit.

Only 31,030 People Claiming Universal Credit, Figures Show

The Department for Work and Pensions has discretely released dismal Universal Credit statistics on the same day as the latest unemployment figures.

Welfare Cuts: Two Hundred Disabled People Lose Motability Car Each Week

Up to two hundred disabled people a week are losing their right to a motability vehicle, due to draconian welfare changes.

Labour and rebel Tories secure debate on universal credit rollout

Three-hour parliamentary session to take place as pressure grows to reduce six-week delay before benefits payments begin.

Tax Credit Cuts Face Major Mitigation As Tory MPs Fear They ‘Go Too Far’

George Osborne hears cuts should not hit existing tax credit recipients and should be delayed until end of parliament.

Botched Universal Credit Roll Out Set To Continue Under The Tories

HM Treasury officials admitted last year that a potential £633 million could be written off by the time Universal Credit is completely rolled-out.

Nicky Morgan Confronted On Tory Tax And Benefit Changes (Video)

BBC Newsnight questions Education Secretary Nicky Morgan on how IFS data shows the poorest are bearing the brunt of Tory tax and benefit changes.

Newly Unemployed To Be Forced To Wait FIVE Weeks For Benefits Under Universal Credit

The new five-week wait will apply to anyone making a fresh claim for social security benefits, warns TUC

New universal credit claimants ‘will get no money before Christmas’

Peabody Trust says 42-day wait means 60,000 households, with over 40,000 children, will receive no income until after festive season.

Letter from Conservative minister reveals plans to sanction unemployed people if they fail to agree to controversial contracts

Highlanders owe nearly £1 million in Universal Credit rent arrears

Highland Council leaders slam "ludicrously flawed" Universal Credit system.

Labour inflicts symbolic defeat over universal credit rollout

Tories under fire for abstaining from vote hours after work and pensions secretary David Gauke ends helpline charges.

Middle-income families in UK resemble the poor of years past, says IFS

Households on middle incomes receive 30% of income from benefits and tax credits, a rise on 20 years ago, report finds.

Tories Must Come Clean On £12 Billion Welfare Cuts, Say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats have joined calls demanding the Tories admit how they would slash £12 billion from welfare spending.

Benefits and tax credits payment dates Easter 2017

If you're worried about benefits and tax credits payments over Easter 2017 here are the dates you need to remember.