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Bedroom Tax

Scottish Government seeks assurances over ‘bedroom tax’ abolition

Fears Scots who benefit from the Scottish Government's desire to abolish bedroom tax could fall into the Tories' benefit cap trap.

Families win supreme court appeals over ‘unfair’ bedroom tax

Panel upholds claim of Jacqueline Carmichael, who is disabled, and carers Paul and Susan Rutherford against housing law.

‘Little evidence’ bedroom tax encourages benefit claimants to downsize

The Government's controversial 'bedroom tax' policy is failing in its aim of freeing up larger homes, new research published today reveals.

Millions at risk of losing their home due to gaps in housing benefit ‘safety net’

Millions of working renters at risk of finding that housing benefit would not cover the full cost of their rent in they lost a job, new report says.

Councils spend £100m helping renters hit by benefit cuts

Discretionary payments of £85.3m made to close gap left by bedroom tax while just over £14m paid to those squeezed by cap on benefits.

Tory Welfare Cuts Will Cost Britain’s Poorest £13 BILLION A Year, Report Says

Tory welfare cuts will take around £13 BILLION a year out of the pockets of besieged benefit claimants by 2020, according to a new report.

Disability Campaigners Gather At Supreme Court For Bedroom Tax Cases

Women’s rights groups also among activists outside court where judges will consider appeals claiming tax is discriminatory.

Bedroom Tax Challenged At Supreme Court – Guardian

The supreme court is to hear legal challenges from disabled people who say the 'bedroom tax' illegally discriminates against them and their families.

‘Bedroom Tax’ Unlawfully Discriminates Against Vulnerable People

Court of Appeal ruled that the 'Bedroom Tax' unlawfully discriminates against disabled children and victims of domestic violence.

Disabled People To ‘Lobby Parliament’ Over ‘Unacceptable’ Welfare Cuts

Campaigners say benefit cuts proposed in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill could be detrimental to the health and well-being of people with disabilities.

Welfare Reforms Risk Creating A ‘Postcode Lottery’, Say MPs

Handing responsibility for emergency welfare support to local authorities risks severe hardship and destitution, say MPs.

Bedroom Tax: Three In Four Affected Have Cut Back On Food, DWP Research Shows

Claimants regularly run out of money and have to dip into savings or borrow, and only one in nine have escaped policy by moving home.

‘Skivers’ Label ‘Neither Realistic Nor Helpful’, Say MSPs

Future provision of social security in Scotland should be about preserving the dignity and respect of benefit claimants, say MSPs.

Bedroom Tax Harming Children’s Learning Amid Stress And Hunger, Experts Claim

Parents cutting back on food and clothing due to benefit reforms lead to adverse impacts and material hardship for children, researchers find.

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Tory MPs Prepare For ‘Bedroom Tax’ Rebellion

A number of Conservative MPs are preparing themselves for a rebellion against the hated 'Bedroom Tax', it has been reported.

‘Vast Social Cleansing’ Pushes Tens Of Thousands Of Families Out Of London

Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich.

Disabled Bedroom Tax Victims Take Their Battle To Court Of Appeal

The grandparents of a severely disabled child have won the right to fight 'bedroom tax' at the Court of Appeal.

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Bedroom Tax Protesters Descend On Welsh Parliament – Wales Online

Protesters are urging the Welsh Government to mitigate the effects of 'bedroom tax'.

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Outrage As Furniture Giant Mocks Bedroom Tax Victims

Furniture Village advert says customers can save £270 on a luxury mattress, adding "this should help towards the bedroom tax".

‘Welfare Reform Isn’t Working As Planned’, Says Expert

Welfare reform savings are lower and costs are higher than planned, says expert.

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