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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Poorest face ‘double whammy’ if Tories ditch triple lock on pensions

Removal of minimum rise could push many into poverty.

Labour pledge to ‘end the race to the bottom’ on pay and worker’s rights

Labour's ambitious 20-point plan aims to transform the workplace and 'end the rigged economy'.

Disabled man set himself on fire over benefit changes, inquest hears

An inquest was told that Peter Sherwood feared his disability benefits would be cut.

‘Damian Green must apologise for misleading WASPI women’, say SNP

Work and Pensions Secretary wrongly claimed the Scottish Government could create a new benefit to help women hit by pension changes.

UK should axe state pension for rich people, says OECD

Scrapping payments to wealthiest 5% to 10% would allow government to give more to people in greater need, says thinktank.

Welfare cuts exacerbating Britain’s housing crisis

Housing experts say welfare policies must not prevent people from accessing genuinely affordable housing.

‘Citizen’s Income’ would require ‘unthinkable tax rises’, say MPs

Work and Pensions Committee conclude that replacing the welfare system with a 'Citizen's Income' would be too costly and may not alleviate poverty.

SNP vow to kick the private sector out of Scotland’s benefit assessment system

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman confirms that there will be no contracting with the private sector for social security benefit assessments.

Charities welcome ‘crucial step forward in fighting homelessness’

Conservative MP Bob Blackman’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been granted royal assent.

Solving serious concerns with Universal Credit an ‘urgent priority’

Work and Pensions Committee Chair Frank Field has written to Damian Green, highlighting serious concerns with Universal Credit.

Poor working families face big losses from benefit cuts, says IFS

Nearly 3m working households with children on tax credits face average loss of £2,500 a year, according to thinktank.

Theresa May weighing up cheaper ‘double lock’ for pensions

‘Triple-lock’ policy that guarantees increase in basic state pension each year could be ditched for weaker ‘double lock’ and money used for social care instead.

Labour will give pay rise to ‘overworked and underpaid’ NHS staff

Shadow health secretary pledges to ‘end Tory privatisation’ by reversing moves to bring private providers into NHS.

Millions of older people missing out on £3.5bn in unclaimed benefits

Around one in four UK pensioners are not claiming all the state benefits they are entitled to, research by Age UK shows.

Editorial: Tories get a cruel fix from seeing poor people suffer

For the modern Conservative Party, there's nothing "difficult" about cutting financial support for those lease able to defend themselves.

Thousands of Scottish pensioners missing out on personal care payments

Research by Age Scotland found that four thousand older people were made to wait several weeks for a care assessment.

Breadline Britain: Welfare cuts push more than 145,000 Scots to food banks

Shocking figure includes almost 50,000 children, as years of Tory austerity leaves poverty-stricken families unable to put food on the table.

Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos

Charity calls for immediate reduction in six-week wait for first benefit payment after handing out 1,182,954 emergency parcels.

School holidays leave 3 million children at risk of hunger, report says

Cross-party group of MPs and peers cites evidence of children existing on diets of crisps when school canteens are shut.

One in three low-income Scots struggling to put food on the table

Poverty study finds that low-income Scots are skipping meals, unable to pay bills and forced into borrowing money to make ends meet.

NHS nurse shortages ‘putting patients lives at risk’

Survey by Unison finds that almost two-thirds of nurses believe hospital wards are understaffed, affecting patient care and safety.

Universal Credit roll-out leading to ‘a vicious cycle of debt and despair’

SNP MP calls for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be 'halted now', as mounting evidence shows the new benefit is causing significant hardship.