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Monthly Archives: January 2017

EU nurses turning their backs on Brexit Britain

New figures reveal the number of nurses from the EU registering to work in the NHS since the Brexit referendum has fallen by 90%.

Disabled jobseekers three-times more likely to be sanctioned than to find work

A disabled person on the DWP’s Work Programme is three times as likely to be sanctioned as to find a job, evidence suggests.

Jobcentre staff at risk amid plans to close one in 10 offices

Employment minister says buildings are underused as people increasingly claim benefits online.

Number of rough sleepers in England rises for sixth successive year

Latest official figures show an estimated 4,134 people were forced to sleep outside in 2016, up 16% on the previous year.

Tories sneak out refusal to reverse tax credits ‘rape clause’ during Trump’s inauguration

Rape survivors will be required to prove their circumstances through a third-party professional to escape the two-child limit.

Failure to speak out on Jobcentre closures ‘a dereliction of duty’

SNP condemns failure 'to lift a finger’ to prevent the UK Government from shutting half of the job centres in Glasgow.

UK council cuts will lead to more people sleeping rough, charities say

Axing of housing services in multimillion-pound budget cuts will increase homelessness, according to charities.

Attendance Allowance WILL NOT be devolved to local councils in England

A leading carers' charity has welcomed the Government's decision not to devolve responsibility for Attendance Allowance.

Disability groups hail court’s support for wheelchair user on bus

Bus drivers must now pressure passengers to make room in ruling described by Doug Paulley as ‘significant cultural change’.

Children unnecessarily removed from parents, report claims

Dossier indicates drive to increase adoptions is punitive for low-income families and alternatives exist.

Tories urged to end four-year benefits freeze to tackle child poverty

Rise in the cost of living set to easily outstrip 'meagre' increases in child benefit, a new report reveals.

More than 5,700 children in Scotland living in temporary accommodation

Shelter Scotland has called on the Scottish Government 'to commit to a new national homelessness strategy'.

Homeless man kicked out of Starbucks after customer complains he ‘f****** stinks’

Homeless people in the UK are regularly subjected to cruel and callous treatment and are 15 times more likely to have suffered verbal abuse.

HMRC criticised over handling of benefit sanctions contract

Watchdog says tax officials increased commission paid to outsourcing firm Concentrix despite evidence of failure.

Universal Credit has pushed 86% of claimants in council housing into rent arrears

Shocking research reveals Iain Duncan Smith's flagship benefit has left almost 9 in 10 claimants living in council housing in rent arrears.

Eight billionaires own as much wealth as half the world population

Oxfam report reveals the wealth gap between richest and poor is even greater than feared.

Westminster council could send homeless families to Coventry

Those who lose homes in capital may increasingly be rehoused outside London as local authorities struggle with cuts.

DWP ‘deliberately misleading the public’ about the impact of housing benefit cuts

DWP accused of "peddling lies and deliberately misleading the public" about the impact of cuts to housing benefit for young people.

Thousands of jobs to go in government shakeout of welfare to work sector

Funding to shrink by 75% from March when work programme is replaced by much smaller work and health programme.

Scotland use new social security powers to improve Universal Credit

Improvements include the option to have payments made direct to landlords and the option of twice monthly payments.

Care home closures set to rise as funding crisis bites

Insolvencies among care home operators are at a record high and likely to continue without government action.

Revealed: 10 of the worst excuses for underpaying workers the minimum wage

The UK Government has revealed some of the worst excuses given by employers for underpaying staff the National Minimum Wage.