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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Struggling families take out ‘benefit loans’ to pay Christmas costs

Credit union reports a rise in the number of families taking out loans secured on social security benefits.

No evidence welfare sanctions work, says National Audit Office

Government has failed to measure whether sanctions represent value for money, while application varies widely, find auditors.

Rough sleepers denied specialist mental health support

Two-thirds of local authorities with the highest number of rough sleepers fail to commission specialist mental health services.

Pension age may be about to rise again, says former minister

Steve Webb says government considering faster timetable for higher state pension age of 70, affecting millions of workers.

Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out

Theresa May under pressure as doctors urge funding U-turn and cross-party alliance warns millions of people are at risk.

Tax credit error costs families with disabled children £4,400 a year

‘Gap in data feed’ led to thousands of families missing up to £20,000 – but payments will only be backdated to April.

Scotland wins battle to end voluntary work programme sanctions

Holyrood can exempt Scots taking part from having benefits stopped or cut thanks to newly devolved welfare powers.

Millions affected by universal credit cuts to be partly compensated by chancellor

Philip Hammond will attempt in the autumn statement to fulfil PM’s pledge to support families who are ‘just about managing’.

‘Tory claim to be on the side of the ‘just about managing’ is ludicrous’

SNP urge the UK government to ditch its 'failed austerity agenda'.

Four in five UK councils struggle to provide older people’s care – survey

More than 6.4 million people aged 65 and over live in areas without enough care to meet demand – especially specialist dementia care, says research.

‘Just about managing’ families to be £2,500 a year worse off by 2020 – study

Research published ahead of autumn statement shows universal credit cuts, benefit rate freeze and rising rents are hitting low-income households.

Labour pledge £155 per week for women hit by pension age changes

Debbie Abrahams says Pension Credit would be extended to support vulnerable women hit by pension age changes.

Austerity effect hits women ‘twice as hard as it does men’

Tax and benefit changes since 2010 have increased equality gap.

Tory MPs call for welfare cuts rethink after pause motion passed

No MPs voted against motion to stop cuts to employment support allowance, with 127 in favour, but it is symbolic only.

Charity slams ‘intolerable’ benefit cuts as disabled set to lose around £1,500 a year

Disability Rights UK says a £30 a week cut to ESA will make it more difficult for disabled people to find or stay in employment.

Chancellor urged to use £2.4bn ‘surplus’ to ease social care crisis

Unison says an expected £2.4 billion 'surplus' in business taxes should be used to help ease the adult social care crisis in England.

Devolution of Scottish welfare ‘being used as political football’, says SNP

Social security minister Jeane Freeman accuses opponents of ‘careless disregard for the impact their words have on the people they claim to represent'.

Labour to call on chancellor not to extend austerity beyond 2020

John McDonnell will use speech to say Philip Hammond should scrap planned benefit cuts in upcoming autumn statement.

Tories ‘ducking their responsibility’ for WASPI women, says SNP

UK government urged to “right a wrong” on women’s pension inequality.

Spike in food bank usage blamed on delays in benefit claims

MP Frank Field calls for five-day target to process applications, saying too many being left for too long without support.

Disabled set-up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer

Video: Ex DWP officer says claimants were encouraged to change answers "in a way that would drop themselves in it".

Chancellor urged to delay ‘punitive and regressive’ disability cuts

SNP issue urgent plea to Chancellor Philip Hammond to delay a £30-a-week cut to Employment Support Allowance.