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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Government at risk of breaching THEIR OWN minimum wage laws

Health unions say government needs to inject £280m into the NHS by the end of the decade, or could find themselves in breach of their own minimum wage laws.

Six million low-income families ‘worse off than 10 years ago’

Rising costs to housing and childcare have hit ‘just managing’ families, as identified by Theresa May in her maiden Downing Street speech.

Report on the UK Government’s failing human rights record submitted to UN

175 civil society organisations have raised grave concerns over welfare “reforms” and living standards in the UK.

Record numbers left homeless after eviction by private landlords in England

End of an assured shorthold tenancy cited by nearly a third of newly homeless households, figures show.

Only three out of 700 firms prosecuted for paying below minimum wage

More than 13,000 workers underpaid by over £3.5m since 2014, but HMRC prosecution rate remain paltry despite employers breaking law.

Charity urges MSPs to give free tampons to women on benefits

Scottish parliament hears about women and girls using newspaper and socks as ‘period poverty’ is debated for first time.

Labour pledge to scrap ‘discredited’ fit for work tests and ‘punitive’ benefit sanctions

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Debbie Abrahams MP, also said being on social security shouldn't mean having to live in poverty.

Disabled Silent Witness star slams Tory welfare cuts (video)

Liz Carr compared the government's treatment of disabled people to Nazi oppression at the Labour Party Conference 2016.

McDonnell defends calling Tory MP ‘stain of inhumanity’

Comment about Esther McVey was made in anger but it is ‘better to be honest with people’, says shadow chancellor.

Work capability assessment ‘may cost me my life’

David suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage but was still ordered to prove he was unfit for work by the DWP.

No more welfare cuts to come under Theresa May, says minister

Damian Green, the work and pensions secretary, hints at end to austerity agenda, promising no further raids on benefits.

Housing crisis ‘driving younger and older generations apart’

Soaring property prices are making more neighbourhoods inaccessible to the under 50s, report reveals.

TUC backs calls for ‘inhuman’ fit for work tests to be scrapped (video)

Motion backs calls for 'fit for work tests' to be scrapped and replaced by a fair and humane process for determining work capability.

Thousands of care leavers hit by benefit sanctions in the last two years

Children's society says benefit sanctions are leaving thousands of care leavers hungry and in debt.

Social care cuts ‘placing an unacceptable burden on unpaid carers’ – report

Report also says 'older people are paying the price for cuts to social care', with a rising number left without any support at all.

Government announces exemptions to housing benefit cap

Work and pensions secretary says local housing allowance cap will be deferred after opposition from charities and Labour.

Treasury refuses to hold inquiry into Concentrix tax credits contract

Despite cross-party criticism of mistakes made by the firm, Treasury says there is no need ‘to go into inquiries etc etc'.

‘Reign of terror’ tax credit company loses HMRC contract

US firm Concentrix heavily criticised by Frank Field will not be given further work by tax collector.

Housing benefit cuts linked to 10% rise in mental health problems

Report highlights the devastating impact of housing benefit cuts on the mental health of private sector tenants.

DWP slammed over ‘not fit for purpose’ child maintenance service

Charities warn the new service puts domestic abuse survivors at risk.

UK jobs market ‘skating on thin ice’ since Brexit vote, says survey

Report from 2,100 employers suggests cracks are starting to appear in areas including financial services, construction and utilities.

Oxfam calls on Theresa May to tackle rising UK inequality

Anti-poverty charity said Britain’s richest 1% are 20 times wealthier than the poorest 13 million people.