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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Work and Health Programme should be devolved to local authorities, say councils

Government should avoid repeating the mistakes of the failed Work Programme and devolve responsibility for the new Work and Health Programme to all local areas, say council leaders.

Social security system fast becoming unfit for purpose, says study

Most low-income working households to be worse off by 2020, and families on out-of-work benefits face losing fifth of income.

Youth unemployment highly regionalised, report shows

Study finds ‘stubbornly high number of young people excluded from UK labour market’ – depending on where they live.

The benefit cap, phrenology and the new Conservative character divination

Tories continue to believe the poor are to blame for "broken Britain", rather than their own disastrous decision-making.

Theresa May urged to reshape welfare with ‘social insurance’

Firmer link between contributions and receipts is on table as PM calls first cabinet meeting since summer break.

Tories urged to rethink ‘Pay To Stay’ as thousands of social housing tenants face rent hikes

LGA warn the controversial policy would cause stress to families and say financial returns will be lower than originally forecast.

Emergency Fundraiser: Please Donate To Help Keep Welfare Weekly Online

With just days to go before we may be forced to close down, we're reaching out to our fans and readers for their support.

Lower benefit cap to hit a quarter of a million poor children

Changes coming in this autumn will take an average of £60 a week from households affected, government analysis shows.

One in ten MS sufferers could face disability benefit cuts, charity warns

Up to 10,000 could lose entitlement to the highest mobility rate of Personal Independence Payment, following Government changes to eligibility criteria.

NHA welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to ‘renationalise’ the NHS

National Health Action Party have welcomed a pledge from the Labour leader to 'renationalise' the NHS, but warn there may be little left to be renationalised.

Taxes and benefit cuts await 1 in 8 people using Tory pension freedoms – report

One in eight people using new pension freedoms have being caught out by unexpected taxes and cuts to benefits, says Citizens Advice.

Universal credit delays forcing people to food banks, says MP

Delays in government’s flagship welfare reform has caused debt, rent arrears and health problems, says Labour MP Frank Field.

Poorer renters at risk from homelessness as benefit shortfall grows

Hundreds of thousands of households face a £100-a-month gap between private rents and housing benefit by 2020, says study.

Woman has disability benefits axed for having life-saving open-heart surgery

Lyn had her disability benefits axed for missing an appointment, after collapsing at home following life-saving open-heart surgery.

Stagnant wages trap MILLIONS of households in ‘problem debt’

Shocking research reveals 3.2 million households are in ‘problem debt’, while more than a million are in 'extreme problem debt'.

Three in five pension pot raiders have no plans for future care costs, research shows

Citizens Advice warns people who dip into their pension pot now may later discover they cannot afford future care costs.

BAME workers in UK are third more likely to be underemployed – report

TUC says study highlights a waste of black, Asian and minority ethnic talent and urges more effort to tackle discrimination at work.

I’m a DWP call handler and have no time to care about your disability claim

When you cry down the phone I feel like crying too, but if I speak to you for longer than 23 minutes and go off-script I risk losing my job.

Private landlords pocketed £9.3 billion in Housing Benefit last year, new figures show

National Housing Federation says the government should free up housing associations to build more affordable homes.

Opinion: This single video shows why disability benefit assessments should be scrapped

Disabled people are being let down by a benefits system that is meant to exist to protect them.

Tory ‘National Living Wage’ should be abandoned, says right-wing thinktank

Institute for Economic Affairs says 'the NLW does nothing for those out of work or many of those working part-time or in poverty'.

25 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Animals

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.