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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Appeal Court Rejects Challenge In Poundland Case

The government has lost the latest round of its legal battle to stop thousands of jobseekers clawing back £130m in benefits.

Many Children In Care Denied Mental Health Treatment, Says Report

Vulnerable young people without permanent placement not receiving vital support, warns Commons committee.

Equality Watchdog Warns Junior Doctors’ Contract Is Potentially Illegal

EHRC document to be presented to the UN, seen exclusively by the Guardian, says that new contract discriminates against female doctors.

Welfare Cap A ‘Perverse Incentive’ To Fiddle Jobless Numbers, Say Labour

Welfare Cap may create an incentive for the government to park the unemployed on Jobseeker's Allowance, report says.

More Than A Million People In UK Living In Destitution, Study Shows

Research by Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds 668,000 households unable to afford essentials such as food, heating and clothes.

Child Refugees And Their Families Are Being Denied Crucial Disability Benefits

A two-year wait until refugees in the UK are eligible to apply for disability living allowance has left people with war-inflicted injuries and other serious medical conditions without support.

Patrick Stewart Mocks Tory Plan For British Bill Of Rights

Hilarious video shows Patrick Stewart exposing the problems in the Conservative plan for a UK bill of rights.

Welfare Reform ‘Still Causing Misery For Thousands Of Sick And Disabled People’

Tens of thousands of sick and disabled people are struggling to cope with changes to disability benefits, says Citizens Advice.

Young Man Has Benefits Sanctioned ‘For Being Unshaven’ – Twitter Responds

A young man had his benefits sanctioned 'for being unshaven', according to a Glasgow foodbank.

Callous DWP Officials Considered Charging Disabled People To Appeal Benefits Decisions

DWP officials considered plans to begin charging sick and disabled to challenge benefit decisions, a secret internal document reveals.

‘Pensionless Pensioner’ Brands UK Government Most Brutal ‘Regime’ In Living Memory

Woman stripped of her right to state pension says the UK Government doesn't care whether vulnerable people live or die.

‘Shambolic’ Universal Credit Scheme Will Lead To Rising Homelessness, Say Landlords

Universal Credit rent delays mean a growing number of private landlords are refusing to rent to low-income families.

DWP May Have To Publish Details Of Benefit Claimant Deaths

Disability rights campaigners win appeal against government’s refusal to publicise investigations into alleged suicides.

Selling Off Affordable Homes ‘Would Add £4bn To Housing Benefit Bill’

Labour says sale of council and housing association property will force poorer people into expensive private rented accommodation.

Scottish Greens Demand A More ‘Humane Approach’ To Social Security

Scottish Greens say a 'Social Security Commission' could help determine the most humane approach to delivering new powers over benefits.

Frank Field Proposes National Wage Top-Up For Lower Paid Over-50s

Labour MP and welfare reform campaigner says idea would help counter higher unemployment rate among 50–64 age group.

Poll: Would Leaving The EU Worsen Or Improve The Lives Of Poor And Disabled People?

The EU referendum is as divisive as ever, but could leaving actually open up the way to improving the lives of vulnerable people?

BAME Degree Graduates ‘Far More Likely To Be Unemployed’ Than White People

TUC calls for urgent action as analysis reveals BAME degree graduates are two and half times more likely to be unemployed than white people.

Reliance On Food Banks Must Not Become The Norm, Says Charity

Trussell Trust gave out enough emergency food to feed more than 1.1 million people last year.

Capita Slammed Over ‘Inadequacy’ Of Disability Benefit Assessments

Psychologists have slammed the private firm Capita, over what they describe as the "inadequacy of the assessments" for Personal Independence Payment.

DWP ‘Punishing’ Low-Paid Full-Time Workers Under New Benefits Rule

Critics say scheme under which working people claiming universal credit can be fined for failing to do enough to find more work is ‘political dynamite’.

Wellbeing Of Children In Foster Care Threatened By Government Cuts, Charity Warns

Wellbeing of thousands of children living in foster care threatened by government cuts to local authority funding.