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Monthly Archives: January 2016

15 Minute Homecare Visits Should Have No Place In A Caring Society, Says Unison

Nearly three-quarters of local authorities in England are still limiting homecare visits to just fifteen minutes, report warns.

Savage Social Care Cuts A ‘Silent Catastrophe’ For Vulnerable People

Damning new report highlights the catastrophic human cost of social care cuts on vulnerable groups.

Peers Reject Tory Plans To Cut Benefits For 500,000 Sick And Disabled

House of Lords voted by 283 to 198 against Tory plans for a £30 a week cut for 500,000 Employment and Support Allowance claimants.

‘Bedroom Tax’ Unlawfully Discriminates Against Vulnerable People

Court of Appeal ruled that the 'Bedroom Tax' unlawfully discriminates against disabled children and victims of domestic violence.

Benefit Cap On Full-Time Carers For Adult Relatives To Be Scrapped

Charities hail major victory as it emerges that those who spend more than 35 hours a week caring will be exempt from the cap.

Benefit Cap On Social Housing Will Leave Thousands Homeless, Landlords Warn

Up to 82,000 specialist homes for most vulnerable residents, including domestic violence victims, at threat of closure.

House Of Lords Votes To Keep Income-Related Child Poverty Measures

Conservatives announced plans to abolish current system of targets, but amendment by Bishop of Durham passes by 290 votes to 198.

Labour Peers Aim To Retain Income-Related Child Poverty Targets

Opposition members of the upper house will attempt to amend the welfare reform bill and neuter one of its key aims.

Labour Warns Of ‘Catastrophic Impact’ Of Tory Housing Benefit Cuts

Specialist housing providers could be forced to close accommodation for the most vulnerable, due to Tory Housing Benefit cuts.

Iain Duncan Smith Urged To Rethink Cuts To Employment And Support Allowance

Tory cuts to Employment and Support Allowance would 'push disabled people further away from work and closer to poverty', say charities.

Tory Childcare Bill Undermines Commitment To ‘Make Work Pay’

20,000 single parents of young children would miss out on extended free childcare under the Tory Childcare Bill, says the Gingerbread charity.

Exempt Carers From ‘Unlawful’ Benefit Cap, Demands Charity

High Court ruling found that the benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against disabled people and their carers.

Social Care Cuts Leave Thousands Of Older Blind People Without Vital Support

Almost 12,500 blind and partially sighted older people have been left without vital social care services, say Age UK and RNIB.

David Cameron Close To EU Deal On Child Benefits

Prime minister pushing for change to rules allowing migrants to send payments back to their country of origin, but eastern European countries express concern.

Corbyn Criticises PM Over Abolition Of Grants For Less Affluent Students

Labour leader tells David Cameron he has ‘form’ for introducing cuts without alerting electorate.

‘Cruel And Incompetent’: Iain Duncan Smith Forced To Admit Christmas ‘Benefits Bonus’ Blunder

DWP 'administrative error' left more than 300,000 sick and disabled people without their £10 'Christmas Bonus'.

Iain Duncan Smith To Push 2 Million Sickness Benefit Claimants Into Work – Daily Mail

Work and Pensions Secretary to unveil Tory plans to push 2 million sickness benefit claimants back into work.

62 People Now Own As Much Wealth As Half The World’s Population

A damning new report highlights the global issue of income inequality, and reveals how 1% now own more than the rest of the world combined.

Four-Year EU Benefits Ban Could Change, Philip Hammond Says

Britain is willing to look at alternative measures to a four-year ban on access to in-work benefits, says Philip Hammond MP.

Government Should Open ‘The Next Front In Welfare Reform’, Says Labour MP

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills should tackle employers and landlords dependent on tax credits and Housing Benefit, says Frank Field MP.

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