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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Average Wages Plummet By More Than 13%

Average gross earnings across the United Kingdom have plummeted by more than 13 per cent since 2008, according to a new report.

‘Shameful’ Tory Assault On Welfare Could Plunge Millions More Into Poverty By 2030

An extra 3.6 million people could be pushed below the breadline by Christmas 2030, including 1.9 million children.

Benefits Sanction ‘Yellow Card’ Will Not Resolve A Deeply Flawed System

SNP MP says "tinkering around the edges" of the benefit sanctions regime would not resolve "the deep flaws at its core".

Ethnic Minorities Losing Out In The Battle For Jobs, Report Says

Ethnic minorities are losing out in the battle for jobs and have a less equal chance of securing quality employment, according to a new report.

Avoid Extortionate Charges With ‘Fee-Free’ Bank Accounts

The new 'fee-free' accounts will allow poor and vulnerable people to escape extortionate bank charges.

Rise In Child Mental Health Patients Being Sent To A&E

Troubled children add to NHS burden as concern grows over lack of out-of-hours care.

Osborne’s Benefit Cuts Will Increase Income Inequality, Says Economist

Further cuts to social security benefits will 'inevitably' increase income inequality in the UK, a respected economist has warned.

UK Homelessness Rising Faster Among Minority Ethnic Groups, Labour Says

Shadow housing minister says homelessness rose 21% and 33% among black and Asian households, respectively, compared with 7% in general population.

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One In Four Homeless People Will Spend Christmas Alone, Says Charity

A damning new report reveals the worrying extent of loneliness and isolation amongst homeless people in the UK.

Tory ‘Workfare’ Scheme Helps Just 2.5% Into Work – Morning Star

Just 2.5% of claimants referred to the mandatory scheme have secured a job outcome, DWP statistics show.

MPs Consider The Biggest Reforms To Britain’s Welfare State Since Beveridge

Work and Pensions Committee is to explore the possibility of limiting access to social security benefits, based on a combination of residency and contributions.

Plaid Cymru Blasts Unacceptable Levels Of Child Poverty In Wales

Plaid Cymru candidate Helen Mary Jones says the party would introduction of a "new Child Poverty Action Plan" to help end child poverty in Wales.

Benefit Sanctions Can’t Possibly ‘Incentivise’ People To Work – And Here’s Why

Imposing sanctions on people who already have very limited resources is not only irrational, it is absurdly and spectacularly cruel.

Make Up For Benefit Cuts By Working 200 More Hours, Government Says

Department for Work and Pensions admits work allowance will fall under universal credit but people can ‘recoup the loss’.

Benefit Delays Put People At Risk Of Hunger And Losing Their Home, Say MPs

Commons work and pensions committee says government must do more to fix avoidable hold-ups and underpayments.

One Million People Caring For A Terminally Ill Loved One This Christmas

More than one million people will be providing care and support for a terminally ill loved one this Christmas, according to Marie Curie.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – Week Ending 19 December 2015

Catch up with all of this weeks news from Welfare Weekly and others.

Jeremy Corbyn Says He Opposes Making EU Migrants Wait To Receive Benefits

Labour leader rejects policy set out in party manifesto for 2015 election and says all UK taxpayers should have access to benefits.

Number Of Homeless Families Living In B&Bs Hits 12-Year High In England

DCLG figures reveal 45% rise in households with children living in emergency bed and breakfast accommodation.

‘Grave Concern’ Over Potential Changes To ‘Vital Benefit’

Carers UK warns of "serious repercussions" for carers if the budget and responsibility for Attendance Allowance is devolved to local authorities.

Bedroom Tax: Three In Four Affected Have Cut Back On Food, DWP Research Shows

Claimants regularly run out of money and have to dip into savings or borrow, and only one in nine have escaped policy by moving home.