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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Cancer Sufferers ‘Cold And Lonely’ This Christmas – And Tory Cuts Will Make It Worse

Macmillan is calling on the government to reconsider its proposal to take away £30 a week from people claiming sickness benefits.

Household Bills Targeted By Chancellor As Labour Raises Fears Over Benefit Cuts

George Osborne and Sajid Javid want more competition to drive down prices, as Labour claims thousands could lose out due to in-work benefit cuts.

Cuts ‘To Hit Care Of Elderly In Poorest Areas’

Home visits face crisis because powers to raise tax favour richer boroughs, warns Local Government Association.

Tory Government Has ‘Written Off’ People With Disabilities (Video)

The government is intent on destroying the welfare state and has 'written off' people with disabilities, says BBC Question Time audience member.

Tories Scrap Mandatory ‘Work For Your Benefits’ Scheme

The government is replacing the 'Mandatory Work Activity' scheme and 'Community Work Placements' with a new 'Work and Health Programme'.

Spending Review Will Still Leave Poor Families Worse Off, Say Experts

IFS says there is 50-50 chance Osborne will have to revisit spending plans, while Resolution Foundation says some families could lose £3,000 a year by 2020.

Benefit Cap Discriminated Against Disabled People, Court rules

High court finds that two claimants caring for relatives for upwards of 35 hours a week were effectively in work and should be exempt from cap.

Osborne’s Tax Credits U-Turn Dominates The Front Pages

George Osborne's unexpected U-turn on tax credit cuts is dominating Thurday's front pages.

Osborne Scraps Tax Credit Cuts – But It’s Not All It Seems

The Chancellor also announced plans for a new 'Work and Health Programme', to replace the Work Programme and Work Choice.

George Osborne’s Spending Review Cuts To Hit Social Care And Police

Chancellor to spell out how axe will fall on Whitehall budgets that were not protected in election manifesto pledge.

George Osborne Could Breach His Own Welfare Spending Cap

George Osborne is in danger of breaching his own self-imposed cap on government welfare spending.

Fury As ‘Heartless’ Tories Axe Disabled Election Fund

The Green Party has slammed the Tory government's decision not to renew a crucial fund that helps disabled people stand for election.

Fit-For-Work Tests Linked To Relapses In Those With Mental Health Problems

Dr Jed Boardman says work capability assessment causes distress for people with severe problems and has led to relapses.

Osborne Urged To Reverse ‘Potentially Catastrophic’ Tax Credit Cuts

Nicola Sturgeon will use a speech in Glasgow to urge the Chancellor to reverse "potentially catastrophic" cuts to tax credits.

‘Conscious Cruelty’: Ken Loach’s Shock At Benefit Sanctions And Food Banks

‘Hunger is being used as a weapon,’ says veteran director, calling for public rage over situation he says is worse than when he made Cathy Come Home in 1966.

More Spending Cuts Will Damage Economy, TUC Report Warns

Study says government’s obsession with shrinking size of state is straining public services and further cuts will harm growth.

Number Of Young People Living In Poverty Up 400,000 – Report

The number of young people living in poverty in the UK has rocketed by 400,000 in the last ten years, according to a damning new report.

Softening Of Tax Credit Blow To Be Funded By Housing Benefit Cuts

Compromise over chancellor’s controversial measure will hit same people already losing their tax credits.

George Osborne ‘Wants To Dismantle The Welfare State Brick By Brick’

George Osborne is seeking nothing less than the complete dismantling of the welfare state, says John McDonnell.

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