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Monthly Archives: October 2015

From ‘Homes Fit For Heroes’ To The End Of Lifelong Social Housing Tenancies

The Government is planning to scrap lifetime tenancies for renters in council and housing association properties.

Tax Credit Cuts Face Major Mitigation As Tory MPs Fear They ‘Go Too Far’

George Osborne hears cuts should not hit existing tax credit recipients and should be delayed until end of parliament.

Mentally Ill More Likely To Have Benefits Stopped Than Supported Into Work, Says Charity

Unemployed people with mental health conditions are more likely to have their benefits stopped than supported into work, damning figures show.

UN Launches Second Investigation Into Impact Of Tory Welfare Cuts

A UN committee has announced an investigation into the impact of Tory austerity measures on vulnerable groups.

NHS Hospital To Offer Food Parcels To Patients At Risk Of Malnutrition

Tameside, Greater Manchester, to join other hospitals in opening food bank, with staff trained to spot signs of poor nutrition.

PMQs: Cameron Dodges Corbyn Question On Impact Of Tax Credit Cuts – Six Times

Cameron repeatedly refused to answer a question from Jeremy Corbyn, on whether tax credits cuts would leave families worse off.

Job Advice To Be Offered At Food Banks, Iain Duncan Smith Tells MPs

Work and pensions secretary says advisers will be posted in food banks in trial to be rolled out across the UK if successful.

Food Bank Britain: Tories Lacking A Strategy To Combat Food Poverty

Fabian Society accused the Government of lacking a strategy to combat food poverty and said proposed tax-credit cuts could become an even bigger driver of poverty.

Letters: Exposing The Myths Behind Unemployment And Social Security

Unemployment figures are cleverly designed to make sure that people don't find out the facts, writes Mark Williams.

Inquiry Launched Into New State Pension

People with less than 10 years of National Insurance contributions will no longer receive any State Pension.

George Osborne Says He Will ‘Lessen The Impact’ Of Tax Credit Cuts

Chancellor says he will respond to Lords defeat with new measures in his autumn statement and declines to rule out lowering surplus target.

Charities Urge Ministers To Drop Planned Cuts To Work Support Allowance

George Osborne plans to cut £30 a week from ESA, paid to claimants forced to give up work through illness or serious accident.

Cameron Moves To Curb House Of Lords Powers After Tax Credits Defeat

The Government has signaled a move to curb the powers of the House of Lords, following embarrassing defeats on its plans to cut tax credits for millions of working families.

Tax Credit Cuts Delayed As House Of Lords Defies Tory Threats

Peers twice defied and ignored Tory threats not to stand in the way of changes to tax credits.

Research Reveals Devastating Impact Of Tax Credits Cuts

Analysis by the Child Poverty Action Group has calculated the expected losses to tax credits cuts for workers in various different jobs.

Government Faces Showdown In House of Lords Over Tax Credit Cuts

Downing Street is heading for a showdown with the House of Lords over controversial plans to cut tax credits.

Labour Offers To Support ‘Full U-Turn’ On Tax Credits Cuts

Labour has offered not to attack the Tories if George Osborne does "the right thing" by deciding to reverse the changes to tax credits.

Tax Credits Cuts ‘Will Widen The Gap In Inequalities’

The warning comes as David Cameron faces a triple-whammy of challenges against the Government's cuts to tax credits.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – 24 October 2015

This weeks biggest news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

Cuts To Tax Credits Could Breach Children’s Rights, Warns Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner has criticised tax credits cuts and called for measures to reduce the impact the changes will have on the poorest children.

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