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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Thousands Of Young People Pushed Into ‘Meaningless’ Low-Paid Apprenticeships

Exploitative apprenticeship schemes include low-paid jobs re-branded as apprenticeships in street cleaning, catering, laboring and retail.

Enough Is Enough! The Tory Demonisation Of Benefit Claimants Must Be Stopped

The weak and vulnerable should be cared for and valued as much as the privileged and powerful elite, writes Ms Z. Devi.

‘Callous’ Tory Welfare Axe Could Hit 43% Of Disabled Benefit Claimants

Iain Duncan Smith is facing an investigation by the United Nations, over whether his welfare cuts are a 'gross' human rights violation.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – 29 August 2015

This weeks biggest news from Welfare Weekly and others.

‘Vast Social Cleansing’ Pushes Tens Of Thousands Of Families Out Of London

Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich.

Jeremy Corbyn: Nobody Should Be Destitute Or Sleeping Rough In The UK

Jeremy Corbyn has expressed his views on welfare at a Labour leadership hustings, saying nobody should be living in poverty in the UK.

Death Has Become A Part Of Britain’s Benefits System

More than 80 people a month are now dying after being declared ‘fit for work’. The safety net that used to be there for the most vulnerable is being torn to shreds.

Thousands Have Died After Being Found Fit For Work, DWP Figures Show

Campaigners demand welfare overhaul after statistics reveal 2,380 people died between 2011 and 2014 shortly after being declared able to work.

SNP Demands ‘Immediate Halt’ To All Benefit Sanctions

The call comes in response to growing fears that DWP staff are being pressurised into slashing vulnerable peoples benefits.

Lone Parents Hit By Nearly 44,000 Benefit Sanctions, DWP Figures Show

Nearly 44,000 benefit sanctions were imposed on lone parents claiming Income Support in the last year, official DWP figures show.

Number Of Disabled People Hit By Benefit Sanctions Soars 31%

The number of sick and disabled people affected by the government's controversial benefit sanctions regime rocketed by more than 30% in the last year.

Use Of Fake Quotes In Benefits Leaflet ‘Quite Wrong’, Iain Duncan Smith Admits

Minister says withdrawn leaflet is now subject of investigation, and publishing case studies based on fictional people is not DWP policy.

Union Leaders Urged To ‘Help Stop Barbaric Welfare Cuts’

Union leaders have been urged to "help stop the barbaric cuts to social security benefits for Disabled People and their families".

Letters: DWP Decision Makers ‘Personally Responsible’ If They Fabricate Evidence

If a DWP Decision Maker knowingly fabricates evidence to present to a Tribunal they would be "personally responsible", says former welfare rights lawyer.

Benefits Shakeup Aims To Force More Disabled People Into Jobs

Government wants radical reform to push 1m more people into work, but disability campaigners fear they are being targeted.

Iain Duncan Smith Urged To Revisit Poverty Stricken Glasgow Community

Iain Duncan Smith has been invited to revisit a poverty-stricken Glasgow constituency, where he famously pledged 'compassionate Conservatism' during a visit in 2002.

DWP Seeks 2,800 Short-Term Staff Weeks After Axing Thousands Of Full-Timers

Union says adverts are for roles similar to those done by 3,824 workers who left two months ago and shows ‘further casualisation’ of department.

Welfare Weekly Summary, 22 August 2015

This weeks biggest news from Welfare Weekly and others.

Thousands Demand Iain Duncan Smith’s Resignation Over #FakeDWPStories

Thousands have signed a petition demanding Iain Duncan Smith resign as Work and Pensions Secretary, it has been revealed.

IDS Should Resign Over ‘Fake Quotes’ In DWP Sanctions Leaflet, Says Labour MP

Labour MP Debbie Abrahams has called for Iain Duncan Smith's resignation, over the use of 'fake quotes' in a DWP benefit sanctions leaflet.

Letters: Are DWP Decision Makers Submitting Fabricated Evidence To Appeal Tribunals?

A DWP decision maker "is not legally liable for any errors or omissions he may make" in evidence submitted to an appeal tribunal.

‘Heartless’ Tories Failing To Support Disabled People Into Work

STUC general secretary, Grahame Smith, has branded the Government as "one of the most heartless and uncaring we have seen".