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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Bedroom Tax Protesters Descend On Welsh Parliament – Wales Online

Protesters are urging the Welsh Government to mitigate the effects of 'bedroom tax'.

Welfare Cuts Will Lead To Soaring Levels Of Food Poverty, Warn Food Banks

75% of independent food banks warn welfare cuts will lead to an increase in demand.

Liz Kendall Vows To Scrap Hated Work Programme

Criticising the hated back to work scheme, Ms Kendall said the Work Programme was a "failed experiment in welfare privatisation".

Child Benefit Freeze Will Cost 3.9 Million Families More Than £2,000

Research by the TUC found that households with two children will lose £2017.60 over the next five years, due to a further freeze to child benefit.

Business Groups Reject PM’s Plan To Replace Tax Credits With Higher Pay

Industry organisations deny pay levels are linked to receipt of tax credit and warn small employers may not be able to afford salary increases.

Tories On The Side Of Working People? You’re Taking The Cameron!

Whenever David Cameron states that the government has plans to help us, he creates uneasiness among those who know the opposite is true.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 37 (27/06/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

The Real Benefit Cheats Are The Employers Who Are Milking The System

When the taxpayer is taking on so much of the cost of in-work benefit, and the employee getting so much of the blame, there’s really only sheer nerve and hypocrisy left to be admired.

Mental Health Workers Protest At Move To Integrate Clinic With Jobcentre

Critics say plans for London clinic come dangerously close to government proposal to give psychological treatments to the unemployed.

‘The Government Want To Annihilate Us’, Says Disabled Pensioner

This is the heartbreaking moment when a disabled pensioner called the LBC radio station to express fears over potential disability benefit cuts.

Disabled Protesters Stormed Parliament To Deliver A Letter, Say Campaigners

Disabled protesters attempted to storm parliament to deliver a letter to speaker John Bercow, say disability campaigners.

Tories Consider Tax Cuts For The Richest, While Hammering The Poor With £12bn Welfare Cuts

The move would see the top rate of tax being lowered from 45p to 40p, while hammering low-income families with £12bn in welfare cuts.

Letters: Claiming Benefits When Disabled Is Not A ‘Lifestyle Choice’

Sick and disabled people don't 'choose' to claim benefits, they have no choice - writes Kathy Lamprell.

Proportion Of UK Children Living In Poverty Unchanged, Figures Show

Number of children in relative and absolute poverty was 2.3m in 2014, but absolute poverty in households where member has disability rises.

Figures Detailing Benefit-Related Deaths To Be Published, Says David Cameron

Prime minister’s disclosure, in wake of 200,000-strong petition, comes two days after Iain Duncan Smith’s claim in parliament that such data did not exist.

Disability Protesters Storm House Of Commons – And Get Within Yards Of David Cameron

Disability protesters have stormed the House of Commons in protest over the Government's decision to close the Independent Living Fund.

Letters: ‘We Need A New Form Of Capitalism’

Capitalism is an 'ideology built on a fraudulent premise', writes Stephen Locke.

Iain Duncan Smith: Attempts To Force DWP To Publish Benefit Deaths Statistics ‘Disgraceful’

A petition calling on the government to publish benefit-related death statistics has now passed 220,000 signatures.

Disabled Workers Forced To Take Unfit Jobs

Insecurity of zero-hours contracts and workplace cuts increase the ill-health of people with a disability, a new study shows.

Labour MP Calls For One Million People To March Against Tory Austerity

Labour MP Michael Meacher has called for one million people to take to the streets in a mass protest against Tory austerity cuts.

Number Of Vulnerable Children In UK Rises For Fifth Successive Year

Experts see increase in children taken into care or placed on child protection plans as inevitable consequence of longterm austerity and welfare cuts.

Benefit Sanctions Push Vulnerable People To Food Banks, Says TORY MP – Huffington Post

A TORY MP has defied government ministers by admitting that benefit sanctions push vulnerable people into the arms of food banks.