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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tories Consider Child Benefit Cuts – After Promising They Wouldn’t

One of the options being considered is limiting child benefit to no more than two children, saving an estimated £1bn a year.

Outrage As Furniture Giant Mocks Bedroom Tax Victims

Furniture Village advert says customers can save £270 on a luxury mattress, adding "this should help towards the bedroom tax".

Welfare Weekly – Issue 33 (30/05/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Benefit Cap Could Drop 40,000 Children Into Poverty, Leaked Memo Warns

Internal government assessment seen by the Guardian shows lowering of welfare cap will be disastrous for families if parents are unable to find extra work.

High Court Orders Benefit Cap Judicial Review

The high court has ordered an urgent judicial review into the benefit cap and its impact on disabled people and the carers.

Government Must Learn From Welfare Reform Mistakes, Say Auditors

The Government must use the "hard lessons" it learnt from welfare reforms which caused "significant financial and human costs", says the NAO.

Labour’s Andy Burnham Suggests He Might Back Further Welfare Cuts

Leadership favourite tells business figures he wants counter perception party is ‘soft on people who want something for nothing’ and doesn’t celebrate enterprise.

Scottish Government Announce Inquiry Into Historical Child Abuse

Scottish inquiry extended to include allegations of abuse in foster care, in long-term hospital care and in boarding schools.

Skills Shortage Risks Shortfall In Health And Social Care Workers

A skills shortage and ageing workforce is risking an imminent shortfall in the number of health and social care workers, according to new research.

Labour Supports Lower Benefit Cap, Despite Warning In Could Plunge Children Into Poverty

Labour's interim leader Harriet Harman said she was "sympathetic' to the idea of lowering the benefit cap to £23,000.

Queen’s Speech Will Benefit Low Income Families Least, Says Charity

A leading children's charity has said policies outlined in the Queen's speech will benefit low income families least and criticised plans for further welfare cuts.

2015 Queen’s Speech In Full

The government has announced plans to lower the benefit cap, freeze working age benefits, restrict housing benefit for young people and require them to 'earn or learn'.

Northern Ireland Power Sharing In Crisis As Welfare Bill Fails

Failure to reach agreement at Stormont raises fears that institutions could collapse and the DUP and Sinn Féin could walk away.

80% Of Tory Welfare Cuts Will Hit Vulnerable Women, Experts Predict

Further welfare cuts will deepen the suffering of vulnerable women who are already struggling to make ends meet, says Trust Deed Scotland.

Northern Ireland Coalition Close To Collapse In Row Over Welfare Cuts

Nationalist parties threatening to veto bill but power-sharing partners say talk of better deal with Westminster is unrealistic.

Tories’ Zero-Hours Exclusivity Ban ‘Is A Joke’, Says Unite

Banning zero-hours exclusivity clauses "does nothing to turn an insecure job into a better one", says Unite.

‘Welfare Reform Isn’t Working As Planned’, Says Expert

Welfare reform savings are lower and costs are higher than planned, says expert.

Thousands Of British Pensioners Facing ‘Financial Ruin’, Experts Warn

Thousands of British pensioners are facing the stark reality of 'financial ruin', just four weeks into the new Pensions Scheme Act.

100,000 Urge David Cameron To Force Supermarkets To Give Waste Food To Charity – Mirror

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on David Cameron to introduce a new law to force supermarkets to donate waste food to charity.

Many People Still Face Day To Day Money Worries, Says Charity

Many people still worry about having enough money left each week to pay bills, housing costs and buy food.

Iain Duncan Smith In Cabinet Row Over £12bn Welfare Cuts

Work and pensions secretary fighting rearguard action against any changes that would involve slashing at key benefit schemes.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 32 (23/05/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.