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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Private Providers Of Out-Of-Ours GP Services Linked With Poor Patient Care

Commercial providers of out of hours GP care in England are associated with poorer experience of care, compared with NHS or not for profit providers.

Danny Alexander Exposes ‘Secret’ Tory Plans For £8bn In Welfare Cuts

Lib Dem chief secretary accuses Tories of ‘trying to con the British people’ by concealing until after the election plans for major reforms to child benefits and child tax credits.

Councils Failing To Make Homes Safe For Disabled People, Says Report

Two-thirds of councils are failing in their legal obligation to make homes safe for disabled people, according to a new report.

Poverty – And Child Poverty In Particular – Is Rising

Welfare cuts have pushed hundreds of thousands – including more than 300,000 children – below the poverty line since 2012, despite Tory claims to the contrary.

Plaid Pledge ‘New Approach’ To Welfare Support For Disabled People

Plaid Cymru has promised to work with disabled people to ensure their rights are at the heart of a 'new welfare state'.

PM Does Not Rule Out More Tax Credit Cuts After Labour Claim Of ‘Secret Plan’

David Cameron says he will press on with welfare reforms after Miliband’s earlier claim Tories have plan for cuts to tax credits that would devastate family finances.

Letters: Millionaire Landlords Stepping In Where Councils Have Failed

Millionaire landlords receiving housing benefit are stepping in where the council has failed, writes Rupert Chapman.

GE2015: Lib Dems Pledge Free School Meals For Under 11’s

All school children under the age of 11 would be entitled to free school meals, under new plans announced by the Liberal Democrats.

IDS Fails To Turn Up To General Election Hustings – In His Own Constituency (External Link)

Iain Duncan Smith has been accused of being too scared to defend his welfare policies, after failing to turn up to a hustings event in his own constituency.

Too Tight To Mention: Why The Tories Won’t Talk About Welfare Cuts

An analysis by the IFS of the Conservatives’ sketchy £12bn welfare cuts plans shows they would take working-age social security spending back to Thatcher-era levels.

Greens Would Double Child Benefit And Save Disabled Persons Fund

The Green Party has pledged to double Child Benefit and protect the Independent Living Fund from closure.

Millionaire Private Landlords Abusing Britain’s Welfare System, Says GMB

Buy-to-let private landlords raked in a staggering £9,296 billion in housing benefit payments in 2013/14 alone.

Bedroom Tax Victim Forced To Live In A Tent Loses All His Toes To Frostbite

Bedroom Tax victim Mitchell Keenan was rushed to hospital after being discovered by family with frostbite.

Labour Acccused Of ‘Bogus’ £1 Million Food Bank Pledge

The SNP has accused former PM Gordon Brown of misleading vulnerable Scots over a 'bogus' pledge for extra food bank funding.

Zero-Hours Contracts Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Low-Paid Jobs, Says TUC

A new report from the TUC shows that 820,000 workers are trapped on low-paid 'short-hours' contracts.

How The Tories Dehumanise Low-Paid Families – Or Should I Say ‘Benefit Units’

Forcing parents on the minimum wage to work more hours is removing their dignity.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 28 (25/04/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Far More NHS Contracts Going To Private Firms Than Ministers Admit, Figures Show

Figures detailing who is being awarded contracts to provide clinical services appear to undermine government’s claim 6% of NHS budget goes to private firms.

Fuel Banks Pilot Scheme Aims To Address Austerity-Era Dilemma Of ‘Heat Or Eat’

Fuel voucher for families who use prepayment meters will be available to those in crisis referred to food banks by welfare advice agencies, GPs and social workers.

Tories’ Lack Of Clarity Over Welfare Cuts Sparks Fear, Anger And Suspicion

Critics say refusal to reveal how £12bn of welfare cuts will be achieved makes party look shifty and afraid to confront voters with reality of where axe will fall.

Untrained Care Workers Putting Elderly And Disabled At Risk, Warns Unison

Homecare workers are being increasingly asked to perform intimate procedures for which they have received little or no training.

NHS ‘Efficiency Savings’ Are ‘Reckless And Potentially Lethal’

Subjecting the NHS to another five years of 'efficiency savings' is reckless and potentially lethal, says NHA.