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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Workers On Zero-Hours Contracts To Get Regular Contracts After 3 Months

Ed Miliband plans to give employees legal right to a regular contract after 12 weeks’ continuous work but critics say employers will sack staff before deadline.

Tories Must Come Clean On £12 Billion Welfare Cuts, Say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats have joined calls demanding the Tories admit how they would slash £12 billion from welfare spending.

Austerity Endangering Disabled Students Education

Reforms are reversing the progress made toward creating an educational system that works for disabled staff and pupils.

Disabled Couple’s Bedroom Tax Victory ‘Could Have Consequences Across Country’

Councils policy of including disability benefits when calculating housing support for Bedroom Tax victims is illegal, rules the High Court.

Plaid Pledges To End Austerity And Unleash Wales’ Economic Potential

Plaid Cymru are launching their manifesto with a pledge to end austerity and unleash Wales' economic potential.

Scottish Greens Pledge To Tackle Poverty And Roll Back Benefit Cuts

Scottish Greens have today (30 March) launched their 2015 general election manifesto, pledging to tackle poverty and rollback benefit cuts.

Tories In ‘NHS Election Panic’, Says NHA

Jeremy Hunt's pledge of an extra £8bn in funding for the NHS falls well short of what is required, says the NHA.

Welfare Powers Should Be In Scotland’s Hands, Says SNP

The Scottish National Party has reiterated its call for the full devolution of economic and welfare powers to the Scottish Government.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 24 (28/03/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Conservatives Under Pressure To Come Clean On £12bn Benefit Cuts

The leak of emails outlining further Tory welfare cut options shows just how fragile the party’s popularity is over social security reforms.

Benefit Cuts Blamed For ‘Soaring’ Levels Of Homelessness

The number of households accepted as statutory homeless in England has increased by 6% in only twelve months, new figures show.

Disabled People Appeal To UN Over Independent Living Fund Closure

Two disabled people have lodged a complaint with the United Nations over the Government's plan to close the Independent Living Fund.

Young Scottish Adults Hardest Hit By Poverty, Says Report

Young adults in Scotland make up the biggest share of the population living in poverty, according to a new report.

Labour Pledges To End Dependency On Food Banks With Welfare Reforms

Labour is promising to scrap benefit sanction targets and low pay culture that it believes is forcing people to turn to food banks.

Austerity Has Hit Disadvantaged Children Hardest, MPs And Peers Say

Report by joint committee on human rights says worst suffering has been inflicted on children from migrant and low-income families.

MPs Call For Independent Review Into ‘Punitive’ Benefit Sanctions

A cross-party committee of MPs have called for a full independent review into controversial and 'punitive' benefit sanctions.

Churches Welcome Call For Review Into Benefit Sanctions

The recommendation comes in a report from the Work and Pensions Select Committee that has been released today.

Labour To Rule Out VAT Rise In Election Manifesto

Pledge is designed to increase pressure on Tories, who raised VAT in June 2010 even though David Cameron had previously said he had no plans to do so.

Tax Avoiders Bidding For Major NHS Contracts

Private health firms bidding for major NHS contracts have tax avoidance measures 'at the very core of their business planning'.

Benefit Claimants ‘Fleeced’ By Rip-Off 0845 Helplines

Millions of pensioners and benefit claimants are being "fleeced" by rip-off 0845 helplines.

Children Paying The Price Of ‘Grossly Unfair’ Benefit Sanctions

3,600 Scottish families with dependent children were affected by benefit sanctions between June 2012 and May 2013.

Campaigners Welcome Victory Over ‘Fitness For Work’ Tests

The BMA has agreed to alert GPs about legislation which could prevent disabled people from having to undergo demeaning 'fit for work' tests.