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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Atos Ordered DEAD Disabled Man To Attend Benefit Assessment

Bungling Atos ordered a disabled man to attend a disability benefit assessment - two months after he had DIED.

More Jobs Than People Looking For Work, Claim Researchers

Claim comes when figures show a significant rise in the number of Zero-Hours contracts.

£104 Million To Mitigate ‘Harsh’ Tory Welfare Cuts

Scottish support for families and individuals hit hard by "harsh" Tory welfare cuts will continue to rise in 2015, says the SNP.

Ebola Case Confirmed In Scotland

The Scottish Government said the disease was discovered in its early stages and the risk to others is "extremely low".

Hundreds Of NHS Operations Cancelled Every Day

Hundreds of NHS operations are cancelled every day as A&E departments struggle to cope under record-breaking strain, figures show.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 11 (27/12/2014)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from the Welfare Weekly.

DWP To ‘Blitz’ Unemployed People Into Unpaid Work

DWP say an 'army' of government 'jobs experts' will target unemployed people at a number of 'unusual locations'.

Tax Cuts Won’t Heal Tory Benefits Freeze Misery (External Link)

Tax cuts will be no more than an illusion for up to 3.3m low income families, reports the Independent.

Nearly 90,000 Children Will Spend Christmas In Temporary Accommodation, Say Labour

Official figures show the number of families who will be spending Christmas in temporary accommodation is up by 20%.

Families Using Food Banks This Christmas A Result Of ‘Dickensian’ Welfare Cuts

Food banks are expecting a rise in demand over Christmas and will be open on Christmas Day.

‘Flying Care’ Visits Leave Elderly And Disabled With ‘Impossible Choices’

A Freedom of Information Request reveals how three quarters of councils in England are providing just 15 minutes of care for vulnerable people.

Charity Warns Of ‘Tragic Waste Of Young Lives’ Lost To Homelessness

Nearly half of all homeless young people first experienced life on the streets before their 21st birthday, research shows.

Big Freeze: More Than 1,000,000 Families Living In Fuel Poverty, Figures Show

Campaigners claim the big freeze is caused by a combination of rising energy prices and changes to the welfare system

250,000 Jobseekers Face Their Second Christmas On The Dole, Says TUC

The shocking figure flies in the face of government claims that they're supporting more long-term unemployed people into work.

Welfare Quiz: How Many Of These Facts Did You Know?

To mark the end of 2014 we've decided to answer some of the many questions asked by our readers over the last year.

Work Programme Makes Mental Health Problems Worse, Says Charity

83% of people who lost their jobs due to mental health problems got worse while on the government's flagship back to work scheme.

Scottish Pensioners Need Winter Fuel Allowance Increase, Says SNP

If WFA had increased by inflation since 2000-01, pensioners would be £76 better off in 2014-15 than they are.

80,000 Face Benefit Sanctions Misery This Christmas – Including 6,800 Disabled People

More than 80,000 families face a bleak and miserable Christmas because of punitive and unfair benefit sanctions, PCS says.

‘F The Bedroom Tax’ Rap Seen By Thousands

A rap condemning the controversial 'bedroom tax' has been watched and listened to by over 26,000 people

Welfare Weekly – Issue Ten (20/12/2014)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from the Welfare Weekly.

Letters: End The Injustice Of Tax Avoidance

If central government were as efficient as local government in collecting taxes then funding problems would be greatly eased, writes Cllr Sam Corcoran.

Women To Be Hit Hardest By Tax-Credit And Benefits Freeze – Study

Figures show more than 75% of estimated savings will come from women under cuts planned by Tories if they win election