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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Letters: ‘Vilification’ Of The Poor Is Worldwide – Not Just The UK

"The working class and poor are once again being forced to shoulder the burden of a class that produces nothing and will take everything they can get", says Christine Schofelt.

Osborne’s Benefits Plan ‘Fails To Reflect The Reality’ Faced By Millions Of Families

George Osborne's plan “fails to reflect the reality” that “millions rely on housing benefit to secure a roof over their head”, including working families, says CIH chief executive.

Tories ‘Ruthlessly Targeting The Poor And Vulnerable’, Say Greens

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s plans for a two year benefits freeze will once again penalise the most vulnerable in our society, says the Green Party

Opinion: Tories ‘Race To The Bottom’ Shows Growing Contempt For The Poor

The Tories relentless attack against the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society shows their growing contempt for anyone who isn't a millionaire or a Tory party donor.

We’ll ‘Rip Them To Bits’: Fury As Brain Damaged Man Is Deemed ‘Fit For Work’

An epileptic man with brain damage, his carer and neighbour have reacted with fury after the disabled man was deemed 'fit for work' by an “overzealous government”.

We Would ‘End Unfair ATOS-Style Disability Benefit Assessments’, Say UKIP

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) in government would end “unfair Atos-style disability benefit assessments”, deputy chairman Suzanne Evans has said. In a move which may surprise many of our readers, who rightly (in our view) consider UKIP to be more...

Epileptic Man Hanged Himself After His Sickness Benefits Were Stopped

A man with epilepsy hanged himself after his incapacity benefit was stopped, a coroner's inquest heard. Trevor Drakard, 50, was found hanged in his Sunderland home just months after being assessed as 'fit for work' and ordered to find a...

Tories Plan Fresh Attack Against Benefit Claimants

A future Conservative government would reduce the benefit cap from £26,000 to £23,000 and force young unemployed people to work for their benefits, chancellor George Osborne revealed today.

New Benefit Rules Will Push Thousands ‘Into A Financial Black-Hole’

New rules which force unemployed people to wait seven days to claim benefits will push thousands into the arms of payday lenders, warn SNP.

Breaking: NHS Staff Vote To Strike Against ‘Destructive’ 1% Pay Offer – Unite

Besides the four-hour strike between 07.00 and 11.00 on 13 October, Unite members in England will be working to rule and adhering to the 37.5 hour week

We Need An £8 Minimum Wage NOW – Not Later, Say Unite

Independent report says £1.50 increase in minimum wage in 2015 is affordable

Sir Bob Kerslake bows out with a dig at the culture of deference that failed to recognise flaws in benefit reform.

Homeless Families Forced To Live In ‘Unsafe’ Temporary Accommodation Soars To Five Year High

Latest figures show that 59,710 homeless households were living in temporary accommodation across England at the end of June 2014 – the highest level for five years.

Tony Blair Destroyed Britain’s Faith In The Benefits System, Claim Researchers

Researchers have managed to pinpoint the exact moment in history when public support for Britain's benefits system began to wane. According to research published today from the University of Bristol, public attitude toward unemployed people began to harden after Tony...

Labour ‘Locked Into The Tory Austerity Agenda’, Say SNP

Labour's plan to cut child benefit is a clear indication that they are "locked into the Tory austerity agenda", say the SNP.

Reeves: We’ll Uphold The ‘Principles Of Our Welfare State’

Rachel Reeves MP outlines the future of the welfare state under a Labour government, including scrapping the 'bedroom tax' and reforming 'fit for work' tests.

Labour Would Freeze Child Benefit Until 2017, Says Ed Balls

Ed Balls will announce Labour's pledge to extend the coalition's 1% cap on child benefit rises up until 2017, in a speech at the party's conference in Manchester on Monday.

Disability Hate Crime ‘Overlooked’ And ‘Under-Reported’

Police and the CPS are failing to recognise that abuse against people with disabilities is often “simply because they're disabled”.

Universal Credit Waiting Days Consultation Launched

SSAC has begun a consultation on proposals that certain Universal Credit claimants must wait 7 days before they are entitled to benefit.

A Future Labour Government Could Scrap Universal Credit Within Months, Say Insiders

A future Labour government could scrap Universal Credit within months of taking office, sources close to the party have said.

Funding Boost For ‘Under Pressure’ Advice Services In Wales

Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Lesley Griffiths, has announced that the current level of Welsh government funding will be doubled from £1 million to £2 million.

Work Programme Still Not Working, DWP Figures Show

The controversial Work Programme, dubbed 'workfare' by opponents to the scheme, is still failing to help large numbers of unemployed people into permanent work, figures show.