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Monthly Archives: July 2014

‘Hold An Inquiry Into Benefit Sanctions That Killed My Brother’ – Petition

The sister of a diabetic ex-soldier, who "died starving and penniless" after his benefits were stopped, has launched an e-petition demanding an inquiry into her brothers death.

Report Slams Shocking 64% Rise In London’s Rough Sleepers

The shocking rise comes at the same time as figures show a 25% drop in the number of beds in emergency night shelters.

Draconian Council Tax Rule Unlawful, Says Judge

A draconian rule which saw 3,600 Sandwell residents being forced to pay a higher rate in Council Tax has been ruled unlawful.

Letters: Atos Discriminates Against Disabled People – And the DWP Allow It

"My immediate concern is the fact that DWP allowed Atos to blatantly discriminate against disabled people and yet refused to acknowledge this, let alone actually do anything about it!" - John Lockett

Labour: Pause NHS Privatisation Until After 2015

Further forced privatisation of the NHS should be put on hold until it has a mandate from the public, Labour will say today (Tuesday).

‘Scottish Minimum Wage’ Would Rise In line With Inflation

"In an independent Scotland the SNP will set up a commission to consider a new ‘Scottish Minimum Wage’ – which would at least rise in line with inflation."

We’ll End Tory Privatisation Of The NHS In An Independent Scotland, Say SNP

SNP: “After a Yes vote we will ensure that not only will Tory privatisation of the health service be stopped at the border - but that our NHS remains properly funded"

Tribunal Fees Allowing Employers To Get Away With ‘Unlawful Sackings’, Says Charity

Citizens Advice claim that the Employment Tribunal fees are deterring employees from bringing forward legitimate claims against employers.

Labour Brands ‘Youth Contract’ An ‘Abject Failure’ As Flagship Unemployment Scheme Ends Early

The Government's £1 billion Youth Contract scheme is to end a month early after failing to help 94% of young unemployed people it originally targeted.

Labour Should Commit To Scrapping ‘Fit For Work’ Tests, Say Campaigners

Campaigners argue that simply making "improvements" to the ESA assessment system "would not make the WCA any less wrong or any more useful".

Salford Council ‘Putting Vulnerable People At Risk’ After £4.7 Million Cuts To Adult Support Services

The announcement will see cuts to vital services designed to support the disabled, mental health patients and the elderly.

Zero Hours Contracts Force Workers To Rely On Food Banks, Says Charity

Zero hours contracts are forcing Scottish workers to turn to food banks and payday lenders, according to a new report from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Tax Loophole Driving NHS Pharmacy Sell-Off, Say Unite

Hospital pharmacies are being privatised at an alarming rate because of a ‘toxic combination’ of the government’s health act and an unfair loophole in VAT rules.

Work Capability Assessment Needs Fundamental Redesign, Say MPs

Select Committee calls on the Government to undertake a fundamental redesign of the ESA end-to-end process to ensure that the main purpose of the benefit is achieved.

Union Slams ‘Ludicrously Narrow’ Benefit Sanctions Review

PCS has slammed what it describes as a “ludicrously narrow” benefit sanctions review which fails to address “serious concerns” raised by claimants and Jobcentre staff.

Select committee finds that eligibility tests for benefits are inaccurate and system fails to help claimants back into work

Disability Benefit Reforms ‘Legal’, Says Judge

Although the court was highly critical of the government's decision process the judge ruled that the new qualifying criteria for PIP is "legal".

Remploy Employment Services To Be Privatised

Remploy once ran factories dedicated to employing thousands of disabled people, but sold the remainder of its factories in 2013 following the Sayce review.

Statistics: Incapacity Benefit Deaths 2005-2012

These statistics cover all incapacity benefit cases of Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance where a date of death is recorded at the same time of the benefit 'off-flow'.

Policy Exchange report finds employment service is failing to help a third of customers and recommends splitting services

Public Support For Axing ‘Bedroom Tax’ Has Never Been Higher

Nearly half of the British public are now opposed to the controversial 'bedroom tax', a poll by YouGov has revealed.

Benefit Sanctions Rocket By As Much As 563%, Shocking Figures Reveal

Scottish National Party (SNP) Media Release: New figures obtained by the SNP have found a staggering increase in the number of people being hit by benefit sanctions at the hands of Westminster welfare reforms, further highlighting the need for a...