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Monthly Archives: June 2014

‘DWP Has Serious Questions To Answer’ Over ‘Mismanaged’ Welfare Reforms, Say SNP

“The DWP has serious questions to answer over its poor performance in recent years and the way in which it has completely mismanaged the implementation of Universal Credit", say SNP.

Homeless Jobseekers To Be Granted Temporary Reprieve From Benefit Sanctions

Homeless jobseekers and those in supported accommodation are to be granted exemptions from benefit sanctions in new legislation being brought before parliament today

Tory Tax Merger Could See The End Of National Insurance

A future Conservative government would merge National Insurance with Income Tax, in a move designed to simplify the UK's taxation system

Labour MP John McDonnell has supported the demonstration, saying that government actions have left people 'desperate'

NHS Pathologists Banned From Work For Exercising Legal Right To Strike, Say Unite

Unite has branded Northampton General Hospital’s banning of 78 biomedical scientists from the workplace a ‘disgraceful abuse of power’ and has vowed to do what it takes to settle the dispute.

Food Bank Users Choose Alcohol And Drugs Over Feeding Their Own Children, Says Tory Councillor

To the dismay and anger of Labour councillors present at a Coventry Council debate on food banks, Cllr Julia Lepoidevin couldn't wait to get stuck in and demonise local residents who turn to food banks to help feed their...

Tory Minister Admits Link Between Welfare Cuts And Food Banks

Conservative Party Minister David Mundell MP admitted there is a link between Westminster welfare cuts and the increase in food bank use across Scotland.

New Universal Credit ‘Fiasco’ Could Cost £750 Million, Say Labour

The Government has admitted Universal Credit could cost taxpayers an additional £750 million after failing to decide how free school meals will work alongside the crisis-hit programme.

Lord Freud: Universal Credit £40 Million IT Write-Off ‘Deeply Regrettable’

Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud described the write-off of a failed £40 million IT system as "deeply regrettable" and insisted that the decision to "reorganise" Universal Credit was taken by Iain Duncan Smith.

Government To Ban ‘Exclusivity’ Clauses In Zero-Hours Contracts

The coalition government is to unveil plans to ban 'exclusivity' clauses in zero-hours contracts, the Business Secretary Vince Cable has revealed.

NHS Is Being ‘Privatised By Stealth’ – Video

Comedian Rufus Hound, a candidate for the National Health Action Party (NHA), like many others is voicing concerns that the NHS is being 'privatised by stealth'.

Government Cannot Deny ‘Growing Scandal Of In-Work Poverty’, Say Unite

Unite renewed calls for an immediate increase to the national minimum wage to tackle in-work poverty, following publication of a Living Wage Commission report.

Labour To Hand Lucrative ‘Workfare’ Contracts To Smaller Companies

Rachel Reeves MP said that she plans to “challenge the status quo” of Government commissioned Work Programme contracts by opening up the scheme to smaller providers.

BMA chair Mark Porter accuses ministers of blaming doctors for failed policy and vows to show how public money is wasted

Labour Calls For ‘Hard-Headed’ Review Of Flagship Universal Credit

The Labour Party has called for a "hard-headed" review of the coalition government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, following the publication of an independent report today (23 June 2014). The Universal Credit Rescue Committee was asked by Labour to explore...

Job Creation 20% Below Pre-Recession Levels, New Report Shows

Trade Union Congress (TUC) Press Release: Inner London is the only area of the country to have a higher rate of job starts than before the recession, while job creation in some parts of the country is down 31 per...

Welfare News Service Summary – Week Ending Sunday 22 June 2014

Links to all of the news reports and press releases published by the Welfare News Service (WNS) in the last week.

Job Prospects For Young People Not In Full-Time Education ‘Deteriorating’, Say TUC

Trade Union Congress (TUC) Press Release: Young people not in full-time education are now less likely to be in work than people of other ages and their prospects are declining, despite the recent recovery in the jobs market, the TUC...

Austerity Protest: BBC News 24 Cut Me Off!

Campaigner telephoned BBC News to ask why they had apparently failed to cover austerity protests in London - he was promptly cut off.

Tens Of Thousands March Against Government Austerity Cuts (Pictures)

Tens of thousands of people converged on London today (21 June 2014) to protest against the coalition government's austerity cuts.

Young Greens Slam Labour’s Attack On Youth Benefits

The Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party of England and Wales, have slammed Ed Miliband's plan to abolish Job Seekers' Allowance for 18-21 year olds

Personal Independence Payments ‘Nothing Short Of A Fiasco’

The Public Accounts Select Committee described the implementation of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as 'nothing short of a fiasco, pushing sick and disabled people into the arms of loan sharks and food banks.