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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Work For Your Dole: George Osborne Outlines Tough New Benefits Regime – Speech

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined tax changes and a tough new benefits regime for Britain's unemployed.

Welfare Cuts Leading To Rise In “Poverty Crime” – Video

Coalition welfare cuts are pushing previously law abiding citizens into "poverty crime", with the number of people stealing food from stores at a nine year high.

Yes, Some Sick And Disabled People Really ARE Too Ill To Work – Graph

The number of people entitled to sickness benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) has soared to all-time high, official figures released in March by the DWP show.

More than 670,000 households in UK face increase in council tax from Tuesday, a survey of local authorities reveals.

Britain's welfare spending is actually about average, while claims that it is wasteful should be seriously challenged.

Bedroom Tax: Only 6% Of Affected Households Move Home

BBC has discovered that only 6% of social housing tenants affected by the coalition government's controversial 'bedroom tax' have moved to a smaller property.

Atos will receive not compensation and has made 'substantial financial settlement' to DWP for early termination of contract

MPs Approve Annual Welfare Spending Cap

MPs voted 520 to 22 in favour of the cap which will see welfare spending limited to £119.5bn in 2015-16, rising with inflation to a forecasted £126.7bn by 2018-19.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland finds that woman took her own life after assessor docked benefits by 30%

Research finds average debt of low income households affected by benefits changes is almost £3,000 – up 29% since October

Policy first suggested by Labour leadership last year meets opposition from small group of backbenchers, as many as 20

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