Child eating school dinnerOver 160,000 children from poorer families are not receiving the free school means they are entitled to as parents are failing to claim, it has been revealed.

Schools are losing out on millions of pounds of funding put aside to help parents of children from poorer backgrounds, figures suggest. One in ten parents who qualify for free school meals are not claiming their entitlement.

A spokesperson for the Department for Education said:

“We want all disadvantaged children to access to the free school meal they are entitled to. By encouraging parents to register for free school meals, we have ensured an extra 80,000 children since 2010 are now accessing a nutritious meal every day at school.

“The Government is going further by making all infants eligible for free school meals from September 2014.”


  • goldwillow

    Actually you have missed out another reason… if you are on tax credits you can claim if you also get working tax credits of any amount you cant. for us school dinners are £34 a week, our wtc got cut by £50 pw, after my partner told tc he earned £20 over the yearly allowence, so you need to get the article straight, besides, for the schools who only have packed lunches their free school means are disgusting… white bread bap adult sized, no butter preformed ham no salad, a plain sponge fairy cake and a pack of crisps… thanks but no thanks I CAN feed my children better than that. Also some financially focussed academies are using the system to get more money for the school, our old one sent letters out begging parents to register even if they were not going to take it up, because the school gets more money. They already had academy premium to chuck around on large wall sized touch screen tvs in reception and a new sports stand, as well as new offices built and then they said they wanted to get parents to claim dishonestly entitled or not for more money. thats wrong and its a loop hole that needs changing.